Good Charlotte – Dance Floor Anthem

She’s going out to forget they were together
All that time he was taking her for granted
She wants to see if there’s more
Than he gave she’s looking for

He calls her up
He’s trippin’ on the phone now
He doesn’t want her out there
And alone now

He knows she’s movin’ it
Knows she’s using it
Now he’s losing it, she don’t care

Everybody put up your hands
Say I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be in love

Feel the beat now
If you’ve got nothing left
Say I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be in love

Back it up now
You’ve got a reason to live
Say I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be in love

Feelin’ good now
Don’t be afraid to get down
Say I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be in love

He was always giving her attention
Looking hard to find the things she mentioned
He was dedicated but most suckers hate it
That girl was fine but she didn’t appreciate him

She calls him up
She’s trippin’ on the phone now
He had to get up
And he ain’t comin’ home now

He’s tryin’ to forget her
That’s how we come with him
When he first met her
When they first got together

Everybody put up your hands
Say I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be in love

Feel the beat now
If you got nothing left
Say I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be in love

Back it up now
You got a reason to live
Say I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be in love

Feelin’ good now
Don’t be afraid to get down
Say I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be in love

To the beat, to the beat, to the beat
You got nothing to lose
Don’t be afraid to get down

We break up, it’s something that we do now
Everyone has got to do it sometime
It’s okay, let it go
Get out there and find someone

It’s too late to be trippin’ on the phone here
Get off the wire, you know everything is good here
Stop what you’re doin’, you don’t wanna ruin
The chance that you got to find a new one

Everybody put up your hands
Say I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be in love

Feel the beat now
If you got nothing left
Say I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be in love

Back it up now
You got a reason to live
Say I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be in love

Feelin’ good now
Don’t be afraid to get down
Say I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be in love

No, no
Now you know what to do
So come on, get up, girl

The day all my friends left me


And here is an extremely late post by yours truly. As you can see from the pictures, I’m a whole month late so you can’t blame me if I have no idea what to write for this post anymore because I can barely remember what I did yesterday. I’ll see what I can manage.


The main reason why I’m only writing about this now is because all the pictures were in my friend’s camera and he wasn’t one to upload albums onto Facebook so I had to physically collect the camera from him. That, and we always forgot to remind and bring the camera when we actually met up.

So here are the pictures, finally. In between sudden death runs in Phantasy Star Online 2, I’d decided that the photos were all pretty self explanatory. By that I mean:

Hey look at me. I’m in a graduation gown that may or may not be mine because I may or may not be graduating (in my case, no), taking pictures with anything and everything in my school because it’s the last few official moments that I’ll be here and I’m sentimental and shit.

Of course I wrote the above paragraph because I’m being lazy and unimaginative. This is a lot of pictures to caption after all. Not to mention a tad bit painful to talk about since it’s my friends, who were from the same batch as me, who are graduating. Without me. Alas, I am not bitter as some people may wish me be, because that only means the guys would be shipped off to National Service and the girls would have to find jobs, further theirs studies or be absolute slobs. Honestly, I don’t think I’m missing out on much. Sure, I won’t get to take pictures with my friends, but do you still remember the pictures from my Secondary 4 prom?

Oh right, there weren’t any.


Either way, I did have a lot of fun at the ceremony, given that it wasn’t mine. The free lunch and dinners I’d shamelessly looted from the buffet was surprisingly good and I managed to save cash for the three days I went down to have my friends rub their certs in my face. Fuck ya’ll, I went home with something after all.


I would like to caption this picture:

I have a graduation gown and bear. I am better than you.

I kid, the pretty lady hasn’t graduated yet and both of them are really nice to me. Other people… I don’t know.


I found it rather funny how the owner of the camera only showed up in the above picture. I guess that’s just what happens when you’re too busy graduating and being all important and stuff.


I ship this couple like crazy. They’re Azfar’s mom and dad and they are THE SWEETEST COUPLE EVER. They totally deserve a fanclub like wow.


Cheryl, the center of attraction.


Afterwards, we started taking pictures with both parents, mostly because I didn’t want to risk doing something inappropriate in front of them so the only way I knew how to avoid such circumstances was to include them into the havoc we were wrecking.

Still stealing food from the buffet well into the evening.

I’m gonna miss these guys loads too. We met at a camp in Year 1 and started this unofficial club called the Temasek Poly Ghost Hunting Club (TPGHC) because we went around the school in the middle of the night investigating the school’s horror stories. It’s been just the three of us through the years and I can’t believe I’m sending these boys to become men already! Not to mention be their cover dates when their OCS dinner comes around. Ah, the role of being ‘that girl friend’ never ends.

We stayed till they chased us out of the convention center but not before my two guy friends stole a toilet freshener from a cleaning trolley and started spraying everyone’s asses with it.
They were found out, of course.
And the boys scrambled about each other.
Then we found a lighter.
And this happened.
We girls took our photos,
While the victim of the air freshener turned into the bully.
And somehow the one with the lighter found the one with the spray can and this happened.

This guy is a lecturer, he just isn’t MY lecturer. He still thinks that he is, up to this day. You see, in my friend’s last semester, I started crashing his Monday lecturers religiously, making him think I really was, even though I must have seemed like a total delinquent, a student of his. I even went for his very last lecture where he gave out tips for their final exam.

Just recently, he waved at me on the concourse and asked me why I haven’t graduated so I told him I was a repeat student (which I was) and that I was taking my remaining modules now making this my last semester. Not exactly a lie I guess.


And that was pretty much my graduation. I’m saying this because I don’t plan on going to my official one, especially if it’s going to be in the afternoon because pictures would be a torture and there is no way in hell am I wearing such a (literally) hot gown for pictures that are too overexposed. Not to mention I’d probably be working by then and wouldn’t be bothered to pay money to rent/buy a gown, let alone go down for the event at all.



I’ll leave you with this picture. I like to caption this:

‘They say the only reason why his graduation gown is so big is because it’s full of secrets.’

Graduation is overrated,

How I Started PSO2

The wordpress has been rather dead recently, in a sense that I’m struggling to post things because my life has been extremely uninteresting, aside from my insatiable appetite for peanut butter sandwiches and coffee while I battle against keeping my love life void.

I haven’t even been going down to my usual haunt, Atom Comics, mainly because I’m currently addicted to this game called Phantasy Star Online 2. In all honesty, I have no idea how I’m about to pull myself away from the game long enough to write this post but I’m determined to try.


I’ve been playing this game for a good month and a half now and it’s safe to say that I’m not stopping anytime soon. I’m not sure how everything started, really. I’d started playing with the sole intention of stalking a couple of friends (whom I’m not really sure are already a couple or not) and basically terrorizing them any chance I got (because I’m a bitter bitch) but I’d managed to get the wrong server altogether and simply gave up.

Obviously I didn’t care much about them because the moment I started the game, I was so taken in by the play-style and character customization that I forgot about my rather-poorly-planned mission entirely.

As I started the game as one lone girl at 3am in the morning, I’d tirelessly approached people online in game for help with rookie questions. Turns out that most people on PSO2 aren’t very chatty and I ended up having to score through forums looking for skill builds and such.

I did end up screwing up my Mag once, hence:
Oh well, I guess the whole point of starting a new game is trail and error, right?

When I finally found my bearings, I started planning for the moving of my character to Ship 1, Feoh, to resume stalking but I put it off because I’d managed to make a few friend as I was busying questing and figuring everything out. Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot of both our avatars together because at that point of time, I didn’t know how to use the screenshot function. ._.

Either way, I told him about my plans of moving to Ship 1 and though he was rather hesitant, he said he would consider. Together, we decided that we’d think about that question again when we were both level 30 to our then level 25’s. But our little level cap turned into 35 and then BAM. I was at the max level (level 40), waiting for him to max out so that we could start our sub-classes. Yes, that was how far off point we were from the plan.

When we finally started our sub-classes, we met friends who farmed the same maps at us at that time and we grew close because we realized that we were all just a rowdy bunch of bullshitters.

It started with one friend,
And eventually we drew.
As you can tell, I still didn’t know how to use the screenshot function then because my chatboxes were still visible.

With a whole bunch of friends gaming together, my friend Air, the guy with the yellow wings, suggested making a new team/guild for all of us to play in, making farming much easier.

AND SUDDENLY, BAM. Team NIX was born. 

And I was the leader of a group of 11 or so gamers from all over SEA. The start up was pretty hectic. I barely slept, looking for quicker ways to max everything out in the new team and to be a good team leader. I was clocking 4hour sleep patterns within the first week of team set up, trying to max both my main and sub-classes out all while keeping up with team quests and levels. I thought everything wasn’t going to work out, but with the support of my friends, we pulled through :>

When we finally settled down with a Facebook group and team flag, recruitment began and we grew even more. I’m not sure how it happened, but NIX is now at 50 members from just over 3 weeks and ranks within the top 30 teams in Ship 2. I couldn’t be more proud of my team, really.

As the days went by, everyone started to max their characters out and the real farming and crazy antics began.
pso20140608_200216_000 pso20140701_193854_001
We started with cloning each other and running around maps to freak people out.
pso20140630_231434_003 pso20140702_234321_000
Then we started blowing each other up with bombs just so that we could hold funerals and dance around our fellow comrades’ dead body.
We even attempted a photo-taking but were interrupted by a horde of mobs.
And of course, terrorizing each other by refusing to help in mini codes that appeared randomly on maps. For all seasoned PSO2 players, yes, that’s a Vol Dragon in a Fhan Jee. Good thing I wasn’t the one in the dome >.<

Just when we thought we’d run out of things to do, we discovered Personal Quarters, which unlocked a whole new level of epic because we got to leave furniture we hunted from mobs in each others rooms, providing the other person had one.

We started with our own team member’s
pso20140629_173220_000 pso20140622_020824_003
And gradually moved on to other people’s quarters.
10306164_471633919640159_994590831073793497_n 10431496_471633896306828_8337097835208248612_n 10410341_471633926306825_2371051806030250374_n
The above room had a DSLR camera furniture that could take really nice photos of our avatars so we camwhored with it. I’m not sure if the photos would be visible to the owner, SeiChai(?), who is the currrent Team Leader of Exodus, one of the top teams in Ship 2. I have quite the competitive streak when it comes to gaming so I didn’t like the team at first but when I finally met the guy, I found him really nice. Not sure about his members, though.

Anyway, I’m having a blast online, where my heart truly belong and I hope will stay put where it is. I’m Cherie and am currently craving a coffee bun. Will be heading down to buy one before getting back to gaming.

If you would like to join me on PSO2SEA: 

Contact my team and I on the forums!

See you around~

Things I didn’t know about school

It’s been awhile since I’d written about school and what better way than to start with what I don’t know about it?

Well, besides studies, that is.

Really early (a few months back, actually) this semester, I came across this building in my school called Global Connection. Till this day, I still don’t know what it’s for, besides the fact that it’s choke full of green fixtures and was almost responsible for me being late for class.

The 15 minutes grace rule has been abolished, you see, and I forgot I had to head to this place for an 8am class. I mean, you can’t blame me, right? I’m barely lucid at 12pm let alone at 8 in the morning.

Either way, Global Connection turned out to be pretty gnarly a building, with good ventilation despite it being mostly non air conditioned. I thought the day started out great.
That was, of course, we (my group mates and I) found out we had to do our assignment based on the features and our lecturer had spent an hour talking in circles about nothing in particular.
None of these fingers are mine but you can imagine how grumpy we were in the morning, mainly because:
1) My friend was pointing middle fingers here, there and everywhere.
2) Other friend just could give two shits.

As for said assignment, it was due after the term break but required a software my laptop couldn’t handle. *cough* Software game too strong *cough* so I waited on my class chairman for news of a free access lab to be booked during the break but there was a major communication breakdown and I couldn’t get to a computer for the entire break, leading to an almost-meltdown when I got back to school.


Basically, I found out the assignment was due at 6pm that day and I had a lunch date with an old friend at 4pm, leaving me with an hour or so to complete the software based assignment.

Throughout all the grief and trauma, I pulled through with the help of a newly made friend who sat with me throughout the gruelling task of daylight analysis on my very (very very very very) horribly drawn building (that looked much like a Snicker bar). Thanks to him, I was done in (almost) half the time and managed to get to my friend all the way at NEX, Serangoon, though I was still an hour late.

ANOTHER THING I didn’t know about school was the culture of its National Education (NE) talks.

Honestly, if they (the school) didn’t threatened me with the fact that I wouldn’t be able to graduate without going for said talks at least twice in my poly life, I wouldn’t have bothered. Who has the money for further studies anyway?

Since the risk of not giving a fuck was high, I’d (even!) marked it down on my organiser a good two weeks in advance with the intention of going back to school anyway even thought I was on my Elearning week.

I mean, seriously. What’s the point of giving us an Elearning week when I am perpetually forced to come back anyway?

Nevermind that though, because it gets worst.

I didn’t make the talk.

And it wasn’t even because I was late!
Alright, so maybe I was marginally late, maybe a few minutes off the clock but it wasn’t like I left the house at 4pm when the talk was at 4.30pm.

Another thing to rant about, the talk had this middle-of-nowhere timeslot, disrupting any hopes for me to plan anything for that day. -.-

On top of everything else, I arrived at the scene to learn that the auditorium was reportedly full, meaning I may not have gotten in if I’d been early. The auditorium only catered to roughly 290 students, most I suspect were only there for the sake of attendence and free food. I know because I was planning to do the same thing.

A plus point, or maybe not, was that I wasn’t alone in this horrendous situation. My group mates were also late (it wasn’t my fault okay… I hope…) and were locked out too. One had tried to enter before my friend and I, and was turned down as well as scolded for not being seated earlier.

So, rather defeated by men with waist high dress pants and justice shoved up their asses, I decided we all drop by the bookshop and have ourselves some chocolate since we’d all made rather painful journeys down in the afternoon sun for well, nothing.

A bar of chocolate later, we decided to hit the evening-ish night market (pasar malam) for snacks that were sure to not let us down like our lovely school just had.
The bus stop camwhore was rather inevitable because I had a wig on (was costesting Poison Ivy’s wig) and the heat was getting to us.

We went our separate ways after I had my coffee, while the other two sat and basked in the mall’s air conditioning.

I probably should say something like ‘I didn’t know school would give me so much shit.’ but in all honesty,  I ended the entire day feeling better-than-fine about it, mainly because I was thankful that I had trustable friends to tide these unfortunate events over with.

Sure, school had given me backstabbing bitches, failed modules, dumbass teachers and what not, but mostly, I’d like to say that if I didn’t bother clawing through mountains shit and withstanding flash floods of disappointment coming at me, I probably wouldn’t have found these gems of human beings, who probably got shovelled under all this crap too.

Really makes me wanna work hard and graduate already, eventhough I’m not exactly sure if I’m graduating this year or early next. I’ll figure it out eventually.
Evidently still pretty stupid but at least she’s happy-ish,



Here comes and extremely long overdue post that I will over ride with pictures.

So, about a month back (a whole month) I cosplayed as Psylocke for Atom Comics at The Cathay. It was a helluva lot of fun and I took so many pictures with people my head spun.


We even had Joker and Harley Quinn cosplayers, who really were just friends from the shop.

P.S, I love her corset.


Not forgetting photography students looking to submit pictures for their assignments helped take pictures! Altogether a win-win.


It started out relatively slow at first and not many people walked in at 2pm so I ran around the mall taking pictures with, well, everything.


People did ask about the scar on my leg and nothing felt cooler than telling them it was a battle scar from fighting. You know, because I had to be in character and stuff.


Then Spidey came and stole all my thunder because The Amazing Spiderman 2 just came out in cinemas. Everyone went mad when they saw him. A few even screamed LOL.

DSC_0017_2 DSC_0020_3

Behold, I have no ass.


Pardon all these ‘same-face’ pictures. I’m not Nicki Minaj, I don’t have a hundred and one expression. I probably wouldn’t look good in three quarters of them.

DSC_0022_2 DSC_0023_3 DSC_0024_2 DSC_0025_3

After awhile it started getting pretty crowded so I had to get out of the shop.

DSC_0026_2 DSC_0027_2

But not before….

DSC_0028_3 DSC_0029_1   DSC_0032_2

And this, my friends, is the owner of Atom Comics. Very nice…


Sometimes very douche-y. But still getting the girls :P


I haven’t forgotten to mention that this Spidey is an amazing cosplayer, have I?

DSC_0036_2 DSC_0037_2

After walking afew rounds round the mall, we went back up and the shop was more crowded than before so…


We decided to play around with a white background beside the shop to entertain ourselves and…

DSC_0039_2 DSC_0040_3

Attract attention.

DSC_0043 DSC_0044_1

Besides stealing my thunder, Spidey also stole all the girls.


I’m not the only one looking at that ass, right?

DSC_0047_1 DSC_0048_2  DSC_0050_2 DSC_0051_1

Eventually all the shop’s cosplayers arrived! So we cam-whored

DSC_0052_2 DSC_0053_3 DSC_0054_1 DSC_0055_2

And people joined us.


Oh and Spidey did this really cool jump shot.


Then photobombed my picture with my babe, Cheryl.


Since there was a similar event going on downstairs and it was crowded there as well, we moved out into the open to take more pictures and attract more attention.

DSC_0061_1 DSC_0062_2 DSC_0063_2

And I got these really pretty pictures taken :D

DSC_0064_3 DSC_0065_4

Cheryl and Wonder Woman :D


And a rather candid shot.


Then a Guardians of the Galaxy spoof.

DSC_0068_4  DSC_0070_3

We got tired and sat down for some waffles and ice cream.


And it was back to cam-whoring!

DSC_0073_2 DSC_0076_3

Yet another pretty picture :>


Bruce came down to tell us to go back up. I mean, look how angry he looks. Trying to pick a fight with superheros of all people.

I kid.

He was just wondering where we were.


On my way back to the store or out of the sun, I attempted to seduce Batman. I don’t think it worked tho…


So we decided to just go crazy and take photos with each other as well as the other event’s cosplayers! :P

DSC_0082_1 DSC_0083_1 DSC_0084_2 DSC_0085_1 DSC_0086_2

Helloooooo, Ironman ;)

DSC_0087_1 DSC_0088_1 DSC_0089_2 DSC_0090_1 DSC_0091_1 DSC_0092_1 DSC_0093_2 DSC_0094_2 DSC_0095_3 DSC_0096_2 DSC_0097_1 DSC_0098_2 DSC_0099_1


DSC_0100_2 DSC_0101_2 DSC_0102_2 DSC_0103_2 DSC_0104_2 DSC_0105_2 DSC_0106_2 DSC_0107_2 DSC_0108_2 DSC_0109_2 DSC_0110_2 DSC_0111_1  DSC_0114_2 DSC_0115_2 DSC_0116_2

My Godbrother passed by too :D


5 hours of standing later, I finally sat down and God help me, if that doesn’t look like I’m fully content, I don’t know what it looks like.


But I still had to stand up for more pictures.

DSC_0119_2 DSC_0120_2

At the end of the day, my friend Kyle, who had been helping out the entire day was down and out.



While Bruce’s mom was nice enough to buy me strawberry jam marshmellows!

There are a few adjustments I’d like to make for Psylocke, mainly for her obvious purple hair. I’m working on it! In the meantime, she wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) be making an appearance till AFA’14, when I finally get her sorted out.