Addicted to ladder.

Now I know why people are addicted to PvP.

It’s all about the Ladder isn’t it? I went in to play today, right after server maintenence and played a few rounds (Only a few rounds because the server just went up and there were very little people playing ladder or in the game at all). Then I realized it. Ladder is the only place where I can actually win when playing with other people. It’s easier for me because it’s bigger so I have more place to dodge.

Classes that use walls to inflict additional damage would not have the advantage here so all is fair. πŸ˜€

Anyway, I videoed another two more clips of ladder. Links are below.

This is actually my first win against an acrobat. Pretty proud of myself. Takes my win rate over Acrobats to 33% (because I lost to them many times already)

πŸ˜€ I have a higher win rate over swordmasters now. 56%? I think they’re easier to kill here because there are lesser walls. That’s all that I can say.

Alright. Off to study!


Japan. Takes playing with your food to a whole new level.

Dragon nest is going through server maintenence so I decided to update myself with that’s new on youtube. (E.g New videos from people I’m subscribed to.) I meant to go watch more Dragon nest ladder videos after I’ve watched all the new videos but till now, I’ve never gotten close to even typing the word “Dragon nest ladder sniper” in the search bar. Why?

Because of this.

I’m subscribed to a youtuber called: RRcherrypie

HE is awesome. I don’t care if he plays masak-masak (slang for ‘cooking’ for kids) or keeps better manicured nails with nail art than I do. He’s AWESOME. It’s so inspring and everything he makes is so darling, I just have to watch more. It doesn’t even matter how I don’t even see his face in videos, he already had me at chocolate waffer houses and huge decorated pocky sticks.

Of course, being someone that love to stalk people I obsess over, I googled him to find out how he looked like.

Now, I cannot post his picture here. The whole reason why no one sees his face on youtube is because he posted pictures once and some cow went and stole it. But yes, I have seen a picture of him on his website. He looks like an anime character from Death note called ‘L’.

^ Thats L.

I guess it really does suit him, since the character ‘L’ loves sweet food and what does RRcherrypie make? Sweet food.

Oh my g-. I don’t know who would eat that or how to go about eating that. It’s too adorable to eat. WILL YOU EAT THAT? WHAT?


He makes the witch from Hansel and Gretel cast her head down in shame. If someone made me a house out of chocolate like that, you can bet I am walking in there.

Remember Collon? That biscuit filled with either strawberry, chocolate or vanilla cream? To tell you the truth, I always thought the chocolate ones looked like dog treats. But it still tastes good anyway.

He manage to turn this, in to this:

Of course you have molds. How are you going to make any of that without molds.

The awesome thing about him is how he’s able to make it so that you don’t feel like eating it, in a good way. Unlike others where they just throw the revolting thing away when it screws up in their faces. Which happens alot, if you watch videos of other people doing it. No one does it better than RRcherrypie. That’s what she said.

And if you’re like me and you don’t want to eat something so cute and adorable, apparently there’s a keychain version where everything is made out of clay (I think?) It’s pretty cool because it doesn’t need to be oven baked. Description says it’s air dry clay while the oiling at the moulding stage makes the clay shiny (I think.)

Check it out:

I know I want one of these.

My friends tell me that a few of these Japanese products are sold in Singapore. Nex, Serangoon. I might just go down and get one (because according to sources, one box could come close to $10 and I’m not going to be one to spend so much money on something I’m most probably going to fail at) and make a video of myself doing it.

I should really go search for Dragon Nest Ladder now. Already spent my whole morning looking at these videos. CURSES!

P.S He’s not Gay! I swear!


Ladder. Climb it.

Been playing in ladder. I’m playing against an FU. They’re really irritating because they keep teleporting everywhere. But I think I did okay. For a person who sucks at PvP.

For this one I’m playing against an EL. I realized it was over really fast. But I really am very slow at playing PvP. Others are so much faster.

If a picture is worth a million words, then what is a million frames?

Do the math. I already did mine today.


Second is the best?

I’m so happy now, I could get trashed in PvP a thousand times and I’d still be like:



I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but it sure sounds good right now!

I sat for my Engineering Maths 2 paper today. When I flipped the question booklet, I have to admit, I was intimidated. Don’t we all feel like that at the begining of a test? Or is it just me.

No matter.

I started the paper. My first question was fairly easy. The second was a tad bit tricky; all the more I reason not to let my guard down. The following questions went by easily. I was actually more worried about my pen because it was all scratchy and felt like it was going to run dry soon. I wrote in great handwriting (if I must say so myself), so that the marker had no reason to not be able to read my perfect answers.

Section A was a breeze. Then I hit Section B.

The first question was tricky. Really tricky. I couldn’t factorize it to cancel out the denominators at all. This only meant that I had to go through long division, which wouldn’t be too bad if I did not revise one it at all. I was panicking. If I didn’t get the right answer, I couldn’t do part a or b that were worth 10 marks in total. If I didn’t do this question, I would STILL lose 10marks obviously. “No harm trying.” I thought, as I drew out the diversion table.

When I was done with the division, I stared down at my work for a good three minutes. It looked to easy to believe. I tried so harm to find fault with it but I couldn’t. This scared me more than imagining Sadako crawling out of my telly. I had no choice. I had to carry on with the questions. The first part was easy; comforting even. The second part was probably the biggest test of my faith in my level of intelligence yet. It was worth 8marks and all I had to do was sub in the values. Now what dumbass question will give you 8marks for just subbing in values?! But I had no choice, I already wasted 15minutes of my time on this question. So I subbed it in and hoped for the best.

The rest of the questions went by quickly. I couldn’t do the last two because they were for the grade A and distinction students. As I walked out of the exam hall, early once again, I couldn’t help but think about that question. It bugged me to no end. I met my usual bunch of friends at the canteen. They seemed genuinely happy this time round. I greeted them with a weak smile which recieved worried looks. My question booklet with my answers written beside the questions was immediately confiscated from me and thrown under the eyes of my clique. I watched the group huddle and buzz. I didn’t even want to think about the careless mistakes I was sure to make at the front.

Then the moment of truth came. A friend came back to hand me my paper. I waited for her to say something, expecting the worst.

“You didn’t do that bad. A 72 is pretty good.”

I looked up and gave her a confused look. I took my paper from her with speeds that any faster, it would have been considered a snatch. I flipped to the 10mark question.

“What about this one?” I asked with great urgency.

“Correct.” she replied simply.

Words cannot express how relieved I was. I was jumping, this time not attempting to do so off a roof. Grinning like a fool in love. Grade B! I was promised a grade B! My day was officially made.

As we sat to discuss answers and solutions, it was obvious that everyone did well. We were all happy and excited. It felt like a great weight was lifted from our shoulders. It was just… a great feeling. πŸ™‚

I still have two more papers toΒ  go. I hope it goes as well as Maths!


Guildmates and Nest dates.

My guildmate and real life neighbour, BlankMomo! She’s another Elemental lord. Fire based. And yes, I did go up a rank!

P.s Always thought the sorceress’s camera pose was really nice. She likes mine though.

You know what keeps me coming back to my main account to play even when I’m already at the max level?

Guildmates. Or real friends who play online with me.

To me, when you have something to come back to in a game, you play the game differently. I definately don’t see it as getting to the max level and owning everyone else in PvP after. Although getting new skills as you level up would certainly be very exciting. I don’t know about you, but grinding in DOTC by yourself (party members don’t count because they don’t talk to you. Humph.) gets really boring and tires you out really quickly. Won’t it be more fun if you just went questing together with a bunch of friends? Then laugh at them in school for dying in abyss or something.

Momo and I got bored during the level 24 level cap once. We decided to create new characters to play since our mains could not absorb anymore EXP. It was also because we trained together that we got to level 15 in just two and a half hours. I don’t know if that is what you consider fast, but I took a good 4 hours training by myself to get to level 15. Mainly because being alone meant I could only handle ‘hard’ difficilty and not ‘master’, which gave so much more experience.

Training and playing with others IS fun. I’m sure everyone agrees. No one likes to feel lonely in a game even if it’s just a game! Some people don’t have much life outside the internet! Like me!

Besides, going into dungeons with friends mean they would protect you too. See above picture.

The fire around me was Momo’s flame road. Sure, it lagged my screen for a good 5 seconds. I was so sure half my life would be gone when my screen was back to normal. But when it did, all the mobs were dead. Which was a good thing because I was already on fire and being electrocuted.

Training with friends also helps you level faster.

When training with friends (must be added on buddy list), there is an EXP bonus and loyalty party bonus. I don’t know if it was just a promotion, but no harm trying!

Also, when training with friends, blessing points are used up at a slower rate.Blessing points are replenished everyday and help add more EXP when you finish a dungeon. If you solo a dungeon, more blessing points will be used up. But if you go in with a party, the amount of blessing points spent is split between the two or more of you, making your points go down slower. All this and the amount of EXP you recieve is the same! πŸ˜€

One more thing…

Momo hit max level today! *confetti*

This also means that now, both of us have nothing to do in Dragon nest. And we’re both so tired of getting owned in PvP and dying while nesting.

So we both decided that after our exams, we’ll start new accounts to play (again)! She wants to be shemale this time and name him Smexyboi123. *shrug* I could be her girlfriend though, FEMALE CHARACTERS FTW!

Will keep you guys updated! πŸ˜€ Really can’t wait to start playing a new class.