Why am I here you may ask?

No, I did not get bored of tumblr

Did I get bored of facebook? For stalking purposes, I’d keep it in view.

Blogger never was my thing, and I needed something fresh. Besides, I think I’m mature enough to keep a blog now 🙂 [rather than make one and forget about it weeks later.]

Ultimately, I came to wordpress because I needed a place to express myself. Sure, reblogging and 9gag-ing was fun. But as
cliché as it may sound, no one is happy all the time. Or smiling,or laughing. I need room to feel sad or express my opinions. I’m only a sane person. You get my drift.

I don’t really expect anyone to read the posts here. But if anyone does and get offended (I’m not supposed to call wordpress a blog like how you don’t talk about tumblr on facebook…?) Do guide me through. I believe I’m fairly easy going and easy to teach. So please be patient with me! (:

More to come,



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