A little bit about me.


I am a huge fan of anime and manga. It’s probably the reason why I started to actually take my mother tongue seriously.

Because it is the only way to get fresh manga updates here.

Sure, you could read a whole series online. But with SOPA shutting down download sites for piracy like it owns the place,what makes you think your sources are going to stay reliable for long?

That was just a pile of bull. I’m actually too lazy to search the internet for raws and what not.

But in cases where I really get desperate and obsessed over a manga or anime(which happens alot), I go on the web and search for raws.

Raws- newer chapters of the manga that is in any other language besides english.

Most of the time, they’re in jap. But sometimes, chinese raws are released first, for some weird reason. So it really is like read the next chapter normally, even though you may miss out afew details.

I do this on a daily basis. I’d rather be called an enthusiast than an otaku. Don’t judge me.



In case you’re wondering, I’m the one with the red hair.

Yes. I like computer games. And I’m not saying this to get the boys. To be honest, I don’t think any of the games I play mean much(if not anything) to hardcore guy gamers. Most of them would actually laugh at what I play.

“Maple story? Really?”

I don’t see myself playing real games. By real I mean games like:

World of warcraft


Call of duty

Skyrim?! The closes I got to games like these was “Halo”.

And boy did I suck. All I knew how to do was camp because I kept getting lost, people kept running me over with their Banshees and I kept getting backstabbed by energy swords (That damn one-hit-K.O weapon). Either that for a grenade would go up in my face.

Games I play/obsess over



-Dragon Nest

These are the main three. I’ve tried playing Pangya! (That golf game that upskirts the female character everytimes she gets a hole in one) but it got boring after awhile. Always striped.

Right now I’m most active on DRAGON NEST. I play in Springwood. LilRIE; Bowmaster. I’m actually planning an entry to show you guys my characters so stay tuned xD.




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