Dragon Nest!

This is how my bowmaster looks like.


Reasons why I play this class:

-The damage is good.

-Its a female character. (damn you Dragon Nest gender lock!)

-I like shooting things from a range.

-Archers look really cute in Dragon Nest.

Why I sometimes regret playing this class: 

-It SUCKS in PvP

I haven’t been playing this class for long nor have I been training my PvP every second of my online life. But you know that the class sucks when it take an Elemantal Lord (Magician) one day to get to rank three and one week for a bowmaster like me to get to the same rank. I know, I haven’t been the best player for a bowmaster and probably don’t know how to play the class as I’m fairly new to PvP. But think about it, so is the Elemental lord, Paladin and what not. But they aren’t having problems now, are they?

-This class has no combo method at all.

Unlike a bowmaster’s alternate branch of profession, the Acrobat, who are the freaking Chun Lees’ of Dragon Nest, bowmasters have ZERO combo attacks. I’m talking about how Acrobats and Elemental Lords can hit a 200 combo easily while a bowmaster struggles to get to 150.

Moving on to PvP, it’s actually even more depressing. Because all the other classes have high combo attacks, they tend to keep bowmasters ‘grounded’. Grounded, as in lying on the ground, at the mercy of their enemies (who normally would just finish them off in a jiff) A bowmaster’s inability to break their enemy’s combo means they are unable to use their attacks (which are very powerful but tragically slow to activate), leaving the bowmaster to suffer an embarassing defeat, whereby the enemy probably have a close to full health bar and 3:0 wins (or 5:0, depending on how much she wants to torture and demoralize herself)

What Bowmasters are good for:

With so much horrid things said about being a bowmaster, there has to be SOMETHING that makes people want to play this class right?

Making use of a bowmaster’s high damage attacks


Bowmaster have very high damage attacks. This makes them a valuable member to have on a team if the party is nest-ing. From levels 24 to 40, bowmasters are pretty much the supporting type of party member. This is because a bowmaster can (and should) only attack from a far. Going near a powerful monster would only make her die faster, as a bowmaster’s health points are very low(OH LOOK ANOTHER CON).

But not to worry, when she hit level 45 and advanced to the Sniper path, she has a skill that attracts monsters to a specific point far away from her, making it easy for her to slaughter kill them all. But that’s only at level 45 and currently the level cap in DN(SEA) is level 40 ._.


Bowmasters are stronger when they have a team backing them up. They play best in Captain, Respawn or 4v4 Rounds. Players normally ignore the bowmaster then, but when she is spotted, she is pretty much the first to die. Why? Because bowmasters are the easiest to kill in PvP. That’s why. Plus taking out a high damage attacker is always the way to go in PvP. Bowmasters and Elemental Lords are always the first to be attacked because of this. People always leave the Paladins and Swordmasters last because of their stupid shields. Elemental lords have shields too much it makes their mana run out fast, leaving them open and easy to kill.


For accessories, I use a full ‘Sylvie Ana’ collection.

Potential: 5.6-5.8% Attack power, HP, Vitality

For weapons and armour, I don 3 pieces of Elf queen and the rest are Nerwin (Because Manticore is too expensive).

Armour Potential: 4.5% AGI , HP

Weapon and secondary weapon: 5.8% Attack power, 4.5% AGI


To tell you the truth I’m really too lazy to list out everything that I have there. It’s the normal stuff really.

As you can see, all are premium plates for level 40. The plates help with my AGI, Health, Vitality, Defence, Magic Defence, Attack power, Final Attack and… I forgot the last one. But it’s probably very typical.

As for the skill plates, I installed tracking arrows, arrow shower, steige(spelling) stance and arrow barrage. For the middle I have Manticore: Whirlwind.

If possible, I’ll show you my sister’s Elemental Lord. :>

Till next time,



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