Elemental Lords

Enter my sister’s Elemental Lord. She is fire based and she bases in SPRINGWOOD.

Reasons why she (my sister) played this class:

-Magicians in every game are very easy to play and owns. (True)

-It’s the second and last female character in dragon nest.

-Flashy skills

-Owns in PvP

-Depending on how you play, combos can range from 200-300 easily.

– Evenly matched for damage with bowmasters.

Reasons why she sometimes regret playing this class:

-Magicians are very common. They wear the same thing and have the same hair style and color. She’s a vain gamer you see.

-Flashy skills lags the maps and since there are so many magicians in dragon nest, the chances of having more than one magician in your party is very high. So guess whose map is going to be very laggy?

-Mana will run out very fast due to shield use.

-Not many parties want magicians because of how much lag they bring, making leveling painfully slow :\

-Armour and weapons are expensive for magicians. Especially the good ones with godly potential.

Elemental Lords in PvP.

Elemental lords are one of the classes you must always look out and check for in PvP especially when playing in teams or Free for all (FFA).

All smart elemental lords will and should always have a skill called Flame Road. Extremely hard to dodge unless you’re already far away from the EL.

This skill is notorious in PvP for it’s ability to cause burn and inflicts high damage. It is often followed up with a skill called Ignite, which causes all burned enemies to explode, inflicting high and additional damage. This combo would normally eat half a normal player’s HP in PvP.

Another combination an Elemental Lord uses is Glacial Wave followed up by Fire Wall or Chilling Mist, depending if the EL is a hybrid or Ice Witch. Glacial wave freezes the enemy at a 100% rate. Fire wall and Chilling mist are high damage skills that can easily take out a third of a player’s HP. If the freeze does not break or allow you to move again, the EL may use another skill called Shatter. This skill is the exact opposite of Ignite. It breaks the ice of frozen enemies inflicting high damage. If an EL manages this skill combo, I can safely say it would be… the end. If you happen to be a Paladin/Priest, Swordmaster/Mercenarywith all your dumb shields, buffs and shiet., you may survive this. But the EL’s teammates or the EL herself will finish you off. No point trying really. JUST RUN IF YOU CAN.


I hate to admit it but Elemental Lords fair well in PvE too.

Because most of their skills are able to damage many enemies at once, they are able to kill monsters faster than any other class, finishing the dungeon very quickly alone.

HOWEVER, Elemental Lords run slowly(probably the only bad thing about this class that I can think of). Unlike their alternate path, Force User, they do not have teleport. This makes them lag behind when doing nests or going to dungeons in a party. I don’t think it’s a con really, at most, the EL does not kill anything, which doesn’t make a difference because everyone gets the same amount of experience at the end of the dungeon. It’s the party’s loss though.

Things to do when teamed with an EL:

-Do not spread the monsters. It makes it easier for the EL to kill all enemies quickly and effectively.  And it pisses she off when you spread the mob because then the party will have to run around looking for the stray monsters!

-If the Elemental Lord runs off by herself during PvP Rounds, just let her be. Most of the time they don’t need back up, unless she get gang raped -ed up upon during the game. But most of the time she’s fine as she is, 1 on 1s’ are very easy for her. Unless she gets one with shields stupid paladins. That would probably be a little tricky.


Accessories: Full Sylvie Ana

Potential: 5.8% Magic Attack, INT , HP, Vitality

Armour: 3 pieces of Elf Queen and the  rest are Vivace. (It’s very hard to maintain two accounts)

No wings, No tail.


The typical things really.

Notice the blank slot. I know. Very inundated.

Plates for: INT, Magic attack, Health, Vitality, Mana recovery, Defence, Magic Defence.

Skill plates: Fire wall, Fiery Vortex, Phoenix Storm and I forgot the last one. I always end up forgeting something!

Mid plate: Hound strike. I want to get the latest Fire base plate from Dark Lair: Hatred but I don’t see it being sold in the server megaphones so I don’t even know the name of the plate to search in trading house!


That’s all for now. Have to get back to studying.


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