Main Exams


A cluttered table, coffee and a clean book. A sure sign that she hasn’t been studying all semester.

My mains are here! I am currently studying a module called “Fundementals of Clean Energy”. Sounds easy? Think you know everything there is about clean energy? Well, welcome to a subject that isn’t JUST about the three ‘R’. Rape, rob, repeat.


I actually study into solar energy and wind energy. Tidal energy too. And its not all about kinetic energy and sunlight magically turning into electricity.

Its is because of this module that my dreams to have a company for clean energy has been dashed.

My plan for clean energy:

They say that there is a hole in the Ozone layer in Australia.


And I was thinking that since there was too much Sun, that part of Australia would look like…


But since there was alot of sun in that area, then there must be lot of solar energy too right?! LOGIC!

So I decided I’d build this:


And suck up all the excess solar power there is! I would then charge up huge fuel cells and sell this energy off for a profit! It would be green, with no pollutants!!!

Then I started studying clean energy.

Sadly, solar energy has very low energy content so I would have to sell LOTS of charged fuel cells to make a profit. But by the time I do that, it would have taken me many, many years. I haven’t even considered the fact that solar cells are expensive to produce so I would actually be making a loss. A huge loss.

Additionally, there are protocols out there to help that hole in the ozone recover by 2050. So if ever I get that business up and running, it would crumble by 2050.

You know what? I’ll just stick to recycling papers and plastic bottles. Because after so much I learnt, theres no way I can help at all! D:<

Back to studying.


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