Gender Lock Ruins Lives.

Here’s lilRIE greeting you from Calderock! 🙂

What I’ve been up to today.

Basically, I’ve been running around the colosseum and pretty much trying to talk to people. And if you were a typical strictly-english person like me, you’ll understand why I don’t make much effort to make friends in Dragon Nest SEA.

You see, I understand that DN(SEA) is for all players of South East Asia (hence the name SEA). But the players in DN(SEA) are mostly filipino or indonesian. And they don’t talk english. I’m how trying to start a racial cyber war here, I’m just sick and tired of them getting pissed at me when they say something in tagalog or indonesian and I don’t do it. Sure, not all of them are like that. But some of them are really unreasonable! English is a national language! It’s rude to converse in a language that someone in the group does not understand do you know that? Malaysians know malay but do they purposely speak malay in Dragon Nest? No!!!

I don’t care if it’s broken english. I can make out what you’re trying to say (unless you get your negatives wrong). I’m not stupid. I tried asking someone online, a pinoy in fact, if her people knew how to speak enlgish. I would have understood if she told me that many people who played did not speak english. Then she told me that yes, most and probably all of them understand english. I don’t know what to feel anymore. Don’t get me wrong though, I love them and all dragon nest players. Pinoys are actually the most helpful. Singaporeans… to be honest, I’ve never had very good experiences with them. It’s just that, getting mad at me because I don’t speak your language is not the way to go. Really.

While we’re on the subject of talking…

I went into PvP to talk to people and make conversation. They don’t fancy talking much do they? They just want to kill the bugger.

Pfft. Paladins and their dumb shields.

As you can see from the chatbox, no, they don’t talk. They just wack and wack, and wack. They may not be talking, but I can imagine what’s going through he’s head:

” Well look at that. It’s a bowmaster. This is gonna be easy.”

“Ah hah. Got you on the ground you little bitch. Take that. And that.”

“Talking? I’m not falling for that trick. What a loser. I can’t believe she’s rank 3.”

“Hah. She barely even touched me. So long SUCKER.”

Well… Maybe not that harsh. But along the lines of it. But of course, just to show you that I actually tried to talk to people:

As you can see from that chatboxes, no, she didn’t talk to me. At least I thought it was a she. She didn’t talk throughout so I don’t really know. See! This is why you should talk. Then people will at least know what gender you are.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, lets move on to the next topic and random thing I did in Dragon Nest today.

Gender. I thought It was going to be fun. And it was.

Hypothesis: More people will talk to you in DN(SEA) if you are a girl.

I decided that the whole reason why no one talked to each other on dragon nest was because of gender lock damn you gender lock. Male archers would look so hot. Because if you talked friendly and the archer (female) happens to be a guy, it would just seem gay. If you talked to a sorceress(female) and lucky you, it’s a girl, the girl would probably think you’re a pervert and leave the room anyway. In essence, damn you gender lock.

The plan was to be the most approachable and friendly female gamer the player would ever meet.

So the experiment begins…

If you’re wondering, that was a female mercenery. It was really funny to hear her character’s manly grunt everytime she attacked me. But hey, at least she talks! I think she was pinoy. A nice one too! She even allowed me to try to do a combo on her for 10 seconds but I didn’t do a good job because I was too busy looking for the ‘PrtSc’ (Print screen) button on my laptop. She killed me anyway, but I must say… IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. My first girl in I-don’t-know how long! Thats what she said. 

I did the same thing with a bowmaster with a much higher rank than me. I don’t what know you call it. Four triangles fitted neatly into a square box?

Just like the first candidate, I ask if he was a guy or a girl. Result: Guy.

He also asked about me. I said ‘Girl.’ Reply: Seriously?

Anyway, he was really nice about the whole thing. He didn’t even ask me why I only asked about his gender and nothing else. Well, he did tell me that he was pinoy (see! They ARE nice). So I told him I was from Singapore. Because it was only fair. For the sake of making things less awkward, I asked him to give me tips for playing a bowman account (He was REALLY good. You won’t even know what hit you). And he did! He told me I had to put the ones that coolsdown faster on one tab and your buffs on another tab. This meant you could attack faster before anyone attacked you. Genius! I didn’t change my keys though, I like my keys like that and I’m more used to it. After the round he told me he’d love to stay around and chat but he really wanted to up this rank. Even added me as a friend. Score one for being a girl!

See? There ARE nice people in PvP. Not everyone laughs in your face everytime they kill you. Or maybe it’s just me.

So just tell people what gender you are! Maybe you’ll make a bro-friend or a girl-buddy. Dragon nesting would be so much more fun like that. Not just running around by yourself, aimlessly like what I do.

If the level cap does not go up soon, I’m going to run out of things to do.

Till I think of something interesting to do in DN(SEA),



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