Shit you can do in bookstores?



Have you ever picked up a book in a bookstore because of how pretty the cover looks?

Well if you’re like me and love walking into a shop that smells of freshly processed trees, you probably have. And also got bored of it. Now raise your hand if you have been misled by the cover many times.

Hah! Never judge a book by it’s cover!

Some books may look so interesting sometimes. Especially fantasy related genres. Yes, I am talking the twilight saga. Note to possible haters, I admit, I am mindlessly hating this series, although it doesn’t explain why I only read till book two. You know, the one where he removes his coat and shines like a giant disco ball. Que music.

But wait!

Today I will show you what I do to keep myself entertained in a giant bookstore (e.g Kinokuniya) Because it is always a waste for a bookworm to walk out of a store EVEN when she has glanced at every book in the young adult fiction section.

Step one:

Look for a book with part of a face on it. An example is the cover of “Memoirs of a geisha”. The one with the giant red lips on it.

Google it. You can’t expect me to do everything for you right?

Step 2:

Its’s as simple as that! It’s even more fun when you’re with friends. You could have a whole album featuring you with books.

Can’t imagine?


Here’s one with just half my face covered. It is only then did my lips look so fabulous.


Here’s one with half the face covered. The book was a little too big for my face but it worked well I’d say.

And you could go as far as…


Covering your whole face. You’ll be amazed at how fun this game is. All you have to do is walk into a store and start looking for books like these while you look for others.

It doesn’t always have to be faces either. It could range to a very well build body, or just you making yourself look like you’re holding something (like a teacup).

And who knows, after all the camwhoring and run arounds looking for appropriate books, you might actually find something worth reading!

P.s: Try not to play this game with autobiographies. It may look like the perfect book. The right size and well angled face. But you don’t want to get sued. Especially if you want to post it online.

I really need to sleep now,


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