Guildmates and Nest dates.

My guildmate and real life neighbour, BlankMomo! She’s another Elemental lord. Fire based. And yes, I did go up a rank!

P.s Always thought the sorceress’s camera pose was really nice. She likes mine though.

You know what keeps me coming back to my main account to play even when I’m already at the max level?

Guildmates. Or real friends who play online with me.

To me, when you have something to come back to in a game, you play the game differently. I definately don’t see it as getting to the max level and owning everyone else in PvP after. Although getting new skills as you level up would certainly be very exciting. I don’t know about you, but grinding in DOTC by yourself (party members don’t count because they don’t talk to you. Humph.) gets really boring and tires you out really quickly. Won’t it be more fun if you just went questing together with a bunch of friends? Then laugh at them in school for dying in abyss or something.

Momo and I got bored during the level 24 level cap once. We decided to create new characters to play since our mains could not absorb anymore EXP. It was also because we trained together that we got to level 15 in just two and a half hours. I don’t know if that is what you consider fast, but I took a good 4 hours training by myself to get to level 15. Mainly because being alone meant I could only handle ‘hard’ difficilty and not ‘master’, which gave so much more experience.

Training and playing with others IS fun. I’m sure everyone agrees. No one likes to feel lonely in a game even if it’s just a game! Some people don’t have much life outside the internet! Like me!

Besides, going into dungeons with friends mean they would protect you too. See above picture.

The fire around me was Momo’s flame road. Sure, it lagged my screen for a good 5 seconds. I was so sure half my life would be gone when my screen was back to normal. But when it did, all the mobs were dead. Which was a good thing because I was already on fire and being electrocuted.

Training with friends also helps you level faster.

When training with friends (must be added on buddy list), there is an EXP bonus and loyalty party bonus. I don’t know if it was just a promotion, but no harm trying!

Also, when training with friends, blessing points are used up at a slower rate.Blessing points are replenished everyday and help add more EXP when you finish a dungeon. If you solo a dungeon, more blessing points will be used up. But if you go in with a party, the amount of blessing points spent is split between the two or more of you, making your points go down slower. All this and the amount of EXP you recieve is the same! 😀

One more thing…

Momo hit max level today! *confetti*

This also means that now, both of us have nothing to do in Dragon nest. And we’re both so tired of getting owned in PvP and dying while nesting.

So we both decided that after our exams, we’ll start new accounts to play (again)! She wants to be shemale this time and name him Smexyboi123. *shrug* I could be her girlfriend though, FEMALE CHARACTERS FTW!

Will keep you guys updated! 😀 Really can’t wait to start playing a new class.



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