Second is the best?

I’m so happy now, I could get trashed in PvP a thousand times and I’d still be like:



I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but it sure sounds good right now!

I sat for my Engineering Maths 2 paper today. When I flipped the question booklet, I have to admit, I was intimidated. Don’t we all feel like that at the begining of a test? Or is it just me.

No matter.

I started the paper. My first question was fairly easy. The second was a tad bit tricky; all the more I reason not to let my guard down. The following questions went by easily. I was actually more worried about my pen because it was all scratchy and felt like it was going to run dry soon. I wrote in great handwriting (if I must say so myself), so that the marker had no reason to not be able to read my perfect answers.

Section A was a breeze. Then I hit Section B.

The first question was tricky. Really tricky. I couldn’t factorize it to cancel out the denominators at all. This only meant that I had to go through long division, which wouldn’t be too bad if I did not revise one it at all. I was panicking. If I didn’t get the right answer, I couldn’t do part a or b that were worth 10 marks in total. If I didn’t do this question, I would STILL lose 10marks obviously. “No harm trying.” I thought, as I drew out the diversion table.

When I was done with the division, I stared down at my work for a good three minutes. It looked to easy to believe. I tried so harm to find fault with it but I couldn’t. This scared me more than imagining Sadako crawling out of my telly. I had no choice. I had to carry on with the questions. The first part was easy; comforting even. The second part was probably the biggest test of my faith in my level of intelligence yet. It was worth 8marks and all I had to do was sub in the values. Now what dumbass question will give you 8marks for just subbing in values?! But I had no choice, I already wasted 15minutes of my time on this question. So I subbed it in and hoped for the best.

The rest of the questions went by quickly. I couldn’t do the last two because they were for the grade A and distinction students. As I walked out of the exam hall, early once again, I couldn’t help but think about that question. It bugged me to no end. I met my usual bunch of friends at the canteen. They seemed genuinely happy this time round. I greeted them with a weak smile which recieved worried looks. My question booklet with my answers written beside the questions was immediately confiscated from me and thrown under the eyes of my clique. I watched the group huddle and buzz. I didn’t even want to think about the careless mistakes I was sure to make at the front.

Then the moment of truth came. A friend came back to hand me my paper. I waited for her to say something, expecting the worst.

“You didn’t do that bad. A 72 is pretty good.”

I looked up and gave her a confused look. I took my paper from her with speeds that any faster, it would have been considered a snatch. I flipped to the 10mark question.

“What about this one?” I asked with great urgency.

“Correct.” she replied simply.

Words cannot express how relieved I was. I was jumping, this time not attempting to do so off a roof. Grinning like a fool in love. Grade B! I was promised a grade B! My day was officially made.

As we sat to discuss answers and solutions, it was obvious that everyone did well. We were all happy and excited. It felt like a great weight was lifted from our shoulders. It was just… a great feeling. 🙂

I still have two more papers to  go. I hope it goes as well as Maths!



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