Addicted to ladder.

Now I know why people are addicted to PvP.

It’s all about the Ladder isn’t it? I went in to play today, right after server maintenence and played a few rounds (Only a few rounds because the server just went up and there were very little people playing ladder or in the game at all). Then I realized it. Ladder is the only place where I can actually win when playing with other people. It’s easier for me because it’s bigger so I have more place to dodge.

Classes that use walls to inflict additional damage would not have the advantage here so all is fair. 😀

Anyway, I videoed another two more clips of ladder. Links are below.

This is actually my first win against an acrobat. Pretty proud of myself. Takes my win rate over Acrobats to 33% (because I lost to them many times already)

😀 I have a higher win rate over swordmasters now. 56%? I think they’re easier to kill here because there are lesser walls. That’s all that I can say.

Alright. Off to study!



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