Japan. Takes playing with your food to a whole new level.

Dragon nest is going through server maintenence so I decided to update myself with that’s new on youtube. (E.g New videos from people I’m subscribed to.) I meant to go watch more Dragon nest ladder videos after I’ve watched all the new videos but till now, I’ve never gotten close to even typing the word “Dragon nest ladder sniper” in the search bar. Why?

Because of this.

I’m subscribed to a youtuber called: RRcherrypie

HE is awesome. I don’t care if he plays masak-masak (slang for ‘cooking’ for kids) or keeps better manicured nails with nail art than I do. He’s AWESOME. It’s so inspring and everything he makes is so darling, I just have to watch more. It doesn’t even matter how I don’t even see his face in videos, he already had me at chocolate waffer houses and huge decorated pocky sticks.

Of course, being someone that love to stalk people I obsess over, I googled him to find out how he looked like.

Now, I cannot post his picture here. The whole reason why no one sees his face on youtube is because he posted pictures once and some cow went and stole it. But yes, I have seen a picture of him on his website. He looks like an anime character from Death note called ‘L’.

^ Thats L.

I guess it really does suit him, since the character ‘L’ loves sweet food and what does RRcherrypie make? Sweet food.

Oh my g-. I don’t know who would eat that or how to go about eating that. It’s too adorable to eat. WILL YOU EAT THAT? WHAT?


He makes the witch from Hansel and Gretel cast her head down in shame. If someone made me a house out of chocolate like that, you can bet I am walking in there.

Remember Collon? That biscuit filled with either strawberry, chocolate or vanilla cream? To tell you the truth, I always thought the chocolate ones looked like dog treats. But it still tastes good anyway.

He manage to turn this, in to this:

Of course you have molds. How are you going to make any of that without molds.

The awesome thing about him is how he’s able to make it so that you don’t feel like eating it, in a good way. Unlike others where they just throw the revolting thing away when it screws up in their faces. Which happens alot, if you watch videos of other people doing it. No one does it better than RRcherrypie. That’s what she said.

And if you’re like me and you don’t want to eat something so cute and adorable, apparently there’s a keychain version where everything is made out of clay (I think?) It’s pretty cool because it doesn’t need to be oven baked. Description says it’s air dry clay while the oiling at the moulding stage makes the clay shiny (I think.)

Check it out:

I know I want one of these.

My friends tell me that a few of these Japanese products are sold in Singapore. Nex, Serangoon. I might just go down and get one (because according to sources, one box could come close to $10 and I’m not going to be one to spend so much money on something I’m most probably going to fail at) and make a video of myself doing it.

I should really go search for Dragon Nest Ladder now. Already spent my whole morning looking at these videos. CURSES!

P.S He’s not Gay! I swear!



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