Why can’t all of us just pass?

This actually applies to me. Found it on tumblr therefore I take no credit.

Now, I don’t know how many of my friends actually bother to read my blog, but I just want to say…

“You won’t fail! You studied harder than me. I’m 200% sure of it. If it makes it any better, I’ll pray for you. Don’t be sad ):.”

Final paper was today, ended at 11.30am to be exact.

Personally, I found it pretty fine. Although I screwed up a 30 mark question. I really don’t mean to boast, if this is how anyone may see it. It’s just that, I did my best and I believe in myself.

This main exam, my friends had dedicated their entire 3 weeks of living their normal lives (watching dramas, playing maplestory, watching more drama) just so that they can score well and I respect that. Thats will power right there. I for one, had done next to nothing as compared to what they had put themselves through.

Did I cut down on my computer time during this study break? No.

Did I purposefully turn off my phone when I’m studying? No.

Did I put off what I really want to do, for example, watching a really exciting drama or playing dragon nest? No.

Did I spend hours and hours, practicing the questions for the exams? No.

So to tell you the truth, no, I really don’t think I deserve to be this confident on scoring or passing. But I’m not one to jinx myself either.

However I must admit, I really do feel guilty for feeling so confident of myself. Guilty, because the people who should be celebrating think they have failed at studying because they did horrible, after studying so much harder than I have. Guilty, because I’m celebrating to myself even when everyone is down and gloomy.

I believe the results won’t be so bad. They’ve studied so hard. There’s just no way they can fail. They’ve been through Supp.(harder) papers when I didn’t bother to even flip to the page. They’ve practiced mountains of math questions while I’ve only done a few pages. They are the ones who prepared for subjects way back into the month for the main exams, while I blisfully sat on my chair and shook my leg. When they were studying at 3am, 6hours from taking their paper, what was I doing? Probably on my bed having a nightmare, if not, reading an ebook of some sort. And I don’t even read till that late.

Thing is, they’ve put in too much effort to even doubt themselves. Heck, even I can’t believe they think they’re going to fail. Do you?

So, no. Don’t come out of that exam hall with that sad, gloomy face because,no, you are not going to fail.

In fact, celebrate because you’ve tried your best and since you reap what you sow, you will do well. I believe you will. If I pass, you’re going to score; if you fail, whatever is going to happen to me?

If someone is going to be stressed about the results, it should be me. Because I didn’t study as much as they did nor did I prepare as much. But I did my best. The best that I could and I believe that everyone who does so will do well and be happy. 🙂


Smile because we are ALL going to pass and go on to year 2 together!

Smile because you shouldn’t waste a day not being happy.

And SMILE, because your fears are normally bigger in your head and normally it doesn’t come to pass.

Oh gawd, now I’m paranoid. Now, who’s going to write me a blog post to make me feel better?



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