Happy food and company for a lonely soul

School is out and not even a week into the holidays, I feel like flinging myself off the second storey of a building just to play with my IV drip when I land in hospital.

But fear not, none of the above has happened… yet. The beginning of the holidays for me is pure hell for me actually. I’ve become more tired than usual because I sleep late and wake late. You think it would make me more energized but hell no. It’s been screwing up my body clock for days now and I’ve been needing coffee more and more. And because I’m so tired, I can’t control my thoughts and emotions very well causing me to be moody and gloomy all the time. Heck, it’s like PMS 24/7, minus the cramps and blood.

I’ve started feeling lonely too. Sure, being with friends and family made me happy. But once they were gone and I was in bed, I got lonely. When I had nothing to do and no one was talking to me, I got sad and felt really alone. After that, I couldn’t talk to anyone and all I did was lurk and mope around.

My mom decided to bring me out, together with my neighbour for dinner.

We went to a restaurant and I could have anything on the menu. It was nice of her. She noticed I was down really quickly, especially since I don’t live with her anymore, but that’s another story altogether.

(Incoming flood of very badly taken photos of food)

Cream of mushroom soup.

Chef’s salad with Italian dressing (:

Very badly taken photo of Spaghetti Bologness with a mountain of cheese.

Jack’s special steak! Rare :>

All in all, awesome dinner.

My next day would probably be shit, but you know what? One good day is better than no good days.

Off to face her nightmares,



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