Been gone for a while…

I haven’t been here for a while, I know. I would blame it on me having no mood to write or having nothing to blog about. But the truth is…

I’ve been on MapleStory.


Yes. I’ve said it.

Since Dragon nest’s level cap hasn’t gone up, I’ve been getting bored of the game. (At least until the level cap pops.) PvP gets really boring after a while, I don’t understand how people have so much patience to rank up so many times.

MapleStory has also been everywhere recently, even my friends have been playing it. They’ve been leveling fast too. And you see…

MapleStory has been part of my childhood. I mean, really part of my childhood. I can still remember the painful grinding at Sleepywood’s, Ant tunnel II when I was level 30, and spamming my attacks at Singapore’s, Mysterious Path III, for hours on just to get to level 70. But it’s all changed now! Since the Big Bang patch, leveling has been a piece of pie and I could get to level 30 within a day now!

But the main reason why I’m admitting to playing MapleSEA again…

Is because I, CHERIE SIM, has finally reached level 100. If not I would just shut up about it in shame.

6 years of playing Maplestory…

6 years of cursing and swearing over people KS-ing me…

6 years of worrying if I have killed and looted enough mesos to buy enough HP and MP potions…

6 years of repeatedly flunking math exams because I wanted to maple more…

6 years of painfully grinding at the same maps for 3hours straight…

6 years of screaming ‘CC PLS’ at random people who are loading into my map…

6 years of being a poor soul with no guild friends what so ever and just trying to level up…


I would like to thank all the friends who helped my map-sit and buy me my potions when I am grinding at maps.

All the clerics that helped me when I was attempting to boss.

The priests that gave me free Holy Symbol buffs so that I had more experience for 15minutes, just to make my grinding a little less painful.

All the people who kept me company when I was just spamming on the top of a car in Mysterious Path III.

And a certain someone who decided to marry me with the most expensive package in the cash shop even though no one came to our wedding, I love you~<3

Only 20 more levels to max level. Yes, I do play a Knight of Cygnus character. Flame wizard FTW!

I plan on getting her maxed out so that I will get +24/12 weapon attack on the rest of my characters. Mostly for my Dual blade, which is at level 72 now.

Can’t wait. I’m going to start tomorrow. Fighting!

Blogging from a pink laptop,



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