Hashtag: Useless exercises I do

I could tell you what I did today in one short sentence but no, I am going to write a long ass entry to waste your time. That’s why you’re here right? Because you have time to kill.

I woke up at 9.30am today. It’s the earliest I’ve been up since the hoidays began. Judging by my already screwed up body clock, it would be very easy to tell that waking up at that time was hell for me. I swear I hit the snooze button every 5 minutes, all the way till 10.30am. Imagine! A whole hour of patiently waiting 2 minutes or so, just to hit the snooze button, making sure it does not wake me from blissful slumber.

10.45am, I finally tore myself away from bed and got into the shower. I looked out the window and found that it was raining. Being a student on holiday, this was absolutely the most FML moment of my life. Beautiful weather to sleep in, dammit all! Don’t mind me though, I’m not much of a morning person. To me, everything magically becomes better at the stroke of noon.

By 11.30am, I was out and fresh, went down for a bite before heading out.

Everyone was late and I, was tragically early. Not that I minded, I had my music to keep me company. After when seemed like 32 minutes, everyone reached and we boarded the bus.

Four words to describe what I felt, three seconds upon setting foot into that cursed transportation:

Damn! It was cold!

Really. It felt like the bus driver had no eyes nor sense of touch or even a hint inferential skill to see that it’s raining or feel how cold his surroundings was! What did he take us for? Sardine fish due for freezing?! Well, I’d like to be eaten raw and fresh thank you very much!

An hour of literally chilling on the bus, we got off. For once, thank God for a naturally warm country like mine. As we defrosted, nature called and we made our way to the nearest restroom.

I was urgent so I hurried into the stall. The first thing I noticed when I sat down?

Bloody hell.

No, seriously. And as punny as it sounds, I saw red. Literally! It wouldn’t be that bad if I had my lucky reds on that day. But these were my plain white cottons, if you know what I mean.

I cursed out loud and relayed the situation to the girls. It was a public restroom, but hey, sometimes a girl lets her guard down! And mother nature decideds to be a bitch and play a mean prank. Like cramps aren’t bad enough. Sadistic bitch.

It’s a good thing one of my friends had a spare. I had already imagined myself waiting on the bowl while someone ran out to get sanitary napkins. The horror.

Saved from karma’s nasty bite for now, we went for lunch before walking over to the park where we…


Went Cycling!!!

We went for two hours. It was a hell lot of fun, especially when you go with good friends!

We cycled to the jetty before finally taking a break. The view wasn’t spectacular but the sea breeze was great. Nothing beats the smell of the sea after the rain! Unless it’s cinnamon rolls. Nothing beats cinnamon rolls.




^  more photos of the view from the jetty.

We paddled till our legs wobbled and finally returned the bikes. Afterwards, we walked so slowly, we took double the time to get back to where we came from!

Next up on what we planned today, we hiked over to an ice cream place. One I had never been to before. It’s a really nice place! You get to do art while you eat and can even study here. Providing you buy something of course.

I guess we all decided that we should reward ourselves after such a long workout. So we all bought ice cream and talked.

The ice cream is really nice too.

They have flavours I never even knew existed in the world of sweets. It was an explosion of awesome-ness.


^ a picture taken a little to late. Everyone had dug in already!

There were many flavours we tried about half of them:

Naked white: Vanilla ice cream with white chocolate.

Nutella and ferero: Rather self explanatory. For all the chocoholics out there.

Strawberry cream: Tasted like a frozen strawberry milkshake. Light and not too sweet.

Passion fruit sherbet: Really sour! No regrets though, keeps you coming back for more.

Chocolate banana: You could actually taste really banana. Which is good.

Brownie and vanilla: You would expect this to be the colour of brownies, but surprisingly, it took after the colour of the vanilla ice cream. Basically vanilla ice cream with chunks of frozen brownies inside. Sounds good already.

But the one that took the cake had to be…

Mars bars with sea salt

Its a weird combination, I know. Mars bars sure sound good. But salty ice cream? I had to think twice. I really liked it though. All my friends did. But I would still call this a prefered taste. Not everyone may like ice cream that is a little salty…

But if you didn’t think about the seasalt, it really did taste like mars bars, with lots of caramel and a little something extra that made it so much nicer to eat. If you didn’t know what it was, you would call it a secret ingredient. But it really is the sea salt.

Overall, a tiring yet fufilling day! Tomorrow is results day. I wish all my friends the best, and hope for the best too 🙂

I’m looking forward to blog with good news tomorrow!

Pretty nervous,


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