Stalking Naomi Neo

As no one knows, I am Singaporean.

I don’t know if this runs through your mind, but the first few things that ran through people’s minds when they first knew of my nationality was:

That I am really smart.

To tell you the truth, I wish I could accept that without any form of guilt. But truth is, I’m not and my parents accept that. I’m not illiterate, nor am I godly at any subject. In fact, to date, I’ve never been good at anything but breathing and surviving and it’s beginning to get a little depressing.

I do however, try to get by by forcing myself to believe in a few of the Asian stereotypes out there. Example, we were born smart and seem to never age.

-Adelyne Hosehbo

Those with twitter, you would probably know about her. After all, she was trending worldwide once.

The Story:

She stole money from her mother to buy a branded wallet/bag. She flaunted her wealth on Facebook and was later robbed by her own friends, which she then proceeded to file a police report for. When confronted by her mother, she slapped the poor lady and boasted about it on Facebook once again.

Someone decided to stomp her and basically, the case exploded. It was everywhere, Facebook, Stomp, Twitter… Actually that’s about it but that’s a huge audience already.

I even hear she slapped a girl that stared at her in town and boasted about it again. But I don’t know how trustworthy that rumour is.

No need to hate though, she has since apologized and her mother has forgiven her.

*confetti!* I love happy endings.

Aaron Tan

He’s famous because he made a video threatening a boy who supposedly ‘stole his girl’. Of course, the girl was pulled in, and so was her then boyfriend. The video was shared on Facebook, and boom. It blew up.

I never really followed the drama but it has since died down, although everyone still remembers him because of his inability to pronounce the word ‘please’. Just Youtube him. That is all.

Steven Lim

He thinks he’s hot when he’s not.

He’s loaded so he thinks everyone wants him when we don’t.

He manages a modeling company although I’m more worried those innocent girls would get themselves raped.

He thinks he can sing, oh gosh.

His name can be used as a noun in Singapore and no amount of hate can get him down.

I feel like I just wrote a song. But this really is about it. You can Google him, probably the first one on the list.


I love her. I just do. I’m a huge fan. An even bigger one after the Peter Coffin saga.

She’s a really famous blogger, practically a celebrity. She’s a strong woman that I respect, with a mind of her own. Society can’t brainwash her, and everything she blogs about is a breath of fresh air.

I guess it’s the way she writes that makes me like her so much. She writes so well!

Naomi Neo

If she wasn’t the trigger for me to write this entry, she would be at the very top of my list.

This girl is pretty. I’m not going lie because it’s true, she is. Nothing to hate there.

She’s got a DSLR and love taking pictures with it, like every girl loves to.

She wears make up. What girl does not wear make up?

But one thing that I simply cannot stand about her, is how she makes me feel so wronged in her recent post to her haters.

So she wrote a post to her haters. I don’t blame her, I’d want to defend myself if I was wrongly accused.

However the way she does it is…wrong I guess.

What she is trying to address:

She’s trying to make people understand (I give her the benefit of the doubt) that,

Simply because…
1) My “fake” accent/american wannabe.
2) I acted like a f*cking bitch.
3) I’m trying to seek “attention.”
That’s what I assume, correct me if I’m wrong.
Trust me honey, you aren’t wrong. Not one bit.
About 1),
Naomi dear over here, has Youtube! Yes! Do check her out and decide if you’re a fan or a person who simply does not care.
Because of this, she tends to talk in…English. I say English because in Singapore, Singlish as we call it, is considered a language to us. I don’t think there is any need to use the word ‘proper’ because… what do you mean by proper English? English is just English. Unless you are talking about British English.
I shall stop about English here because I have officially used the word so many times, it has no meaning anymore.
Going back to the point, people think she’s faking an accent. Her argument is, people would naturally talk that way, when they are revealing themselves to an invisible audience. She relates it to going for an oral examination. Would we speak in Singlish or English? I guess that’s point one for her, although I find it hard to believe.
This girl has been living in Singapore 16years of her life. How is it possible that she does not have a hint of Singaporean slang at all? Trust me, we Singaporeans have our very own slang. Similar to how the Americans sound different from the British, and how Koreans sound different from Japanese when they speak English.Why?
Because a slang is a slang while English is just English.
Slangs can differ from each other while English does not.
You don’t see people changing the spelling of words like they own the place. Well of course, unless you are following either British or American English. I have no idea why one does not want an extra ‘u’ in their spelling but what the heck, it’s their problem not mine.
So the questions still remains girl. If you aren’t faking a slang, then simply put, why do you sound like that?
The only reasons I can think of is that:
1) She was switched at birth, which I sincerely hope not.
2) Her mother educated her using a television that only played shows from America.
3) One of her parents is American and speaks to her with an accent. Although I doubt so, judging from her features.
But hey, who am I to judge right?
“2) I acted like a f*cking bitch.”
Her argument:
” I didn’t know that, by standing up for myself (after being accused) was being bitchy.”
Valid point. But here’s a tip.
No matter what you do. You aren’t going to win.
And that’s a fact. Tested and proven by Xiaxue.
Everyone knows this. Hate only begets hate. So if you’re going hate on your haters… then we all know what you’re going.
What’s worst, she goes on and dedicates a section of her blog post to a certain girl that harassed her on twitter.
This to me, its unbearably funny. No, call it hilarious. Here she is, trying to make people understand that she is not a bitch, bitchy or what not and she’s picking on one of her many haters? I beg to differ.
I guess it could have been anyone. Heck, it could have been my friend who tweets hate about Naomi before it went mainstream. But why that particular hater?
Why can’t it be a cluster of haters that she probably already has in her mentions. Why does she have to twitter-stalk this angry hater? I’ll leave all that to your own reasoning.
“3) I’m trying to seek “attention
As she says, “Yes, I LOVE attention.”
Yes sweet lips, we all do and it’s not wrong. It’s only human right?
But what makes her so hated by many?
Maybe it’s because she’s so pretty?
Maybe she has a DSLR that so many people want.
Maybe it’s because it’s just too mainstream to be her fan.
Personally, I don’t care if she’s an attention whore or not. Heck, I would be an attention seeking missile  to someone I like and I would stop at no lengths till I get it. So if the girl likes the attention of a million guys and the adoration of a thousand girls, let her be.
If you don’t like who she is, then don’t grow to be like her. Simple as that.
All I know is, I am not fond of her.
I am not fond of her because I started out not knowing Naomi Neo at all. When I decided to Google her up and end up reading her blog, I felt somewhat offended. Which is wrong, because as someone who has not taken a side to wheather I’m a fan, hater or a nonchalant passer by, I had already felt the urge to hate her. An urge strong enough to make me write an entry that is probably a thousand words long by now. And if someone randomly comes across your blog and is suddenly inspired to write hate about you, you know something is horribly wrong. Something is wrong with your writing, and probably yourself.
This is what I see and this is what I observe. I’m not judging her. It’s just that after such a long entry by her, I am still left with so many questions.
Lastly, I’m sorry for writing something so long with no pictures to look at. So here’s a picture of a really cute cat.
Still very confused and will never understand what runs through the mind of that girl,

12 thoughts on “Stalking Naomi Neo

  1. “And if someone randomly comes across your blog and is suddenly inspired to write hate about you, you know something is horribly wrong. Something is wrong with your writing, and probably yourself.” I actually am inspired to write hate about you sweetie. But i won’t because I believe in not bitching about people i dont know. And btw, if im inspired to write hate about you, does it mean that “something is wrong with your writing, and probably yourself”?





  3. Agree with you with the Naomi part! She’s kinda fake when she talks. I used to like her though, but now neh! Great blog anw!

  4. you’re very hypocritical too.

    you say that naomi neo doesn’t speak singlish, so shes trying to follow the british and american english. but you speak even less singlish than her. are you trying to be ang moh too? wtf sia. btw ”One of her parents is American and speaks to her with an accent. Although I doubt so, judging from her features.” not all americans are ang moh. there are asians in america too. its like telling a singaporean indian they don’t look singaporean cos they don’t look chinese. pls dont act smart next time.

    • Hi Rhen,

      Interesting point, though I beg to differ. Now, I haven’t visited that post in a really long time so correct me if I’m wrong like you are already trying to.

      People can speak good unbroken English, no doubt about that. What I am getting at is her accent. People don’t sound American or British as they are just born. They have to be influenced or the accent is cultivated. On another note, good english is not spoken primarily by Americans or the British. Some people from Korea, for example, can speak good English too, we just don’t notice because of their accent. See? Accent.

      And by God,notice a joke in a post and take one. Quit having your panties/thongs/briefs/boxers in a bunch.Gosh seriously. Lightened up.

      Anyway, if you have anymore queries, feel free to comment. I like talking about what I write.

      And seeing that I can still reply you at 7am in the morning, I do know what I’m talking about.


      • Hello, I’m not a fan of Naomi but I would defend her, to a certain extent.
        Referring to point 1) I realise you seem to support the idea that she’s “faking” an accent. Because you find it hard to believe that In certain occasions Singaporeans do speak proper English, yes proper English. I find it hard to believe that you think that just because someone lives here in Singapore for 16 year of his/her life they have to speak that improper singaporean English which you call a language. If you found her post offensive, I find yours undeniably insulting. I have been raised and educated in Singapore. I am ashamed of the English here. I don’t pretend to be from an English country or perhaps to be “American” as you would put it. However, in occasions like public speaking, debate and oral examinations, I do speak English without the “slang” and while speaking to my peers, I try my best to speak without that singaporean slang. Please do not condemn someone for speaking a language like how it was supposed to. In Singapore we use British English in our writing widely, isn’t it normal if we speak or try to speak that way too. IT IS EXEMPLARY.

        And lastly my dear, I really am not getting my panties in a bunch. I just feel really strongly about the topic – English and Singlish. I do hope singaporean would stop speaking in such a ghastly manner and make me terrified of becoming like them. You mentioned you felt offended, maybe next time you should spend more time explaining why were YOU offended by her post instead of coming up with a Long rebuttal to her points.

        Have a good day!(:

      • Hi, I realize that you are reading a post I wrote afew years ago with replies I replied years ago as well.

        As much as I want to take a few things back, it was never called for so I haven’t but since you want to bring these things up again, alright, I will.

        I don’t remember what I wrote from so long back, and honestly, I’m too lazy to read it again so I must thank you for going through the trouble of reading through my childish and ignorant sense of humor of poking fun at someone who probably… wouldn’t bother with me anyway. In fact, I’m quite honored someone would want to defend her on my take on her at that point of time.

        Years has passed and I have gotten to know (or at least respect) Naomi’s status as a Singaporean celebrity. There’s no doubt that she is a talented individual who excels at what she does after her years of hard work.

        Perhaps if I have time, I would write another post to take back what I have written, but I must remind that as a young teenager then, I had alot of time to spew rubbish all over the internet.

        Alas, I am 21 now. I don’t even remember what I ate this morning let alone what I wrote I-don’t-know-how-many years back. But if it makes you feel better, I’m sorry for what I said at the point of when I wrote this post. Still not a fan, but she has grown to become a brilliant person.

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