Bookworm with no book.

The library has been a such let down these few days. No matter how I pick up and read the backs of books, I can’t find anything that interest me.

The kind of book I’m looking for?

Typical; dramatic, filled with romance and hot boys. Don’t forget a sprinkle of cheesiness and a strong female lead.

Now is that too much to ask for? I thought that was how most romance novels were. Either that or the whole princess diaries series has spoiled me rotten.

Why I can’t find anything good to read:

Recently, the scene for books has been filled stories within the genre of Fantasy. Don’t get me wrong though, I love fantasy related stories. It’s just that the stories aren’t so fantastic anymore. When I pick a book like that, it’s either about vampires or werewolves. I used to love reading stories like these. Now, a part of me fears it would turn into another Twilight let down.

Secondly, the amount of books with sequels are also on the rise. I can’t even buy a book in a book store without worrying if it would end in a cliffhanger, forcing me to buy the next. It’s not that I’m stingy when it comes to buying books. But have you ever found a sequel better than the first? Harry potter does not count. I haven’t, so if you do come across one, tell me because I need to know what’s out there.

Lastly, all of the books are so depressing these days. The main character either ends up dying half way, the love of his life gets hit by a car (true story) or they don’t get together at all! Because of this, I always read the endings of my books. I KNOW. It’s a bad habit and I won’t enjoy the book as much, but at least I don’t feel cheated at the end of everything. Imagine, reading 470 pages of small font, hoping and praying that the two leads will get together. When suddenly, cancer comes out of no where and starts killing everyone like it owns the place. After which you would probably catch me moping around the house, throwing a private pity party for herself and her fictional characters.

Now everyone can understand the pain I go through when I actually make an attempt to occupy my time.

But I am writing today because I have found a way to save my brain from rotting over the holidays!


You must be wondering what this is.

THIS. Is something I found on my android market. The official site is:

It is the most awesome thing yet. It’s like  Fanfiction, except the stories are all original and categorized according to what genre you like. There’s even genres called ‘Vampire’ and ‘Werewolf’ that aren’t included to the ‘Fantasy’ genre, just so you can steer clear especially if the thought of vampires and werewolves irk you now.

The past week, I’ve been reading stories here. Even though the people here aren’t published, the stories are still really awesome although some really need to proofread their work.

Besides being extremely awesome in allowing me to stay in bed all day to read, this also means I can read into the night without bothering anyone in my room (I don’t have my own room). You think this is good? It’s not.

I slept at 3am two days ago and 4am last night. I woke at 12pm and 2pm respectively and realized that HALF MY DAY WAS GONE (you don’t say). My head would hurt when I wake and I just end up snoozing even more. So I’ve been thinking about it, and I decided. THIS HAS TO STOP!

And I am starting today. I shall sleep at 12am today.

Meantime, I am going back to reading my ebooks.

Go bookworms!



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