DragonNestSEA has some balls of steel.

Today is the day of Dragon Nest’s revamped 150 Mark patch. It is also the day I was asked out to do a birthday card hence I wasn’t home to go into the game once it patched.

And boy was I missing out on the drama.

The admins of dragon nest(DN) released almost every detail about the 150mark patch. It started with the new cash shop clothes to get all the vain gamers going, followed closely by the new PvP mode -Occupational War, to get the PvP maniacs hyped. Redundant changes such as the colour of our level up aura and the changes in buying from NPCs strung along. They did however, leave out one small detail of change.It would have been okay if it was a pleasant surprise.

But boy, was this a really shitty one.

I don’t know what it stands for and neither do I care. Right now, it’s called FTG and it just took over blessing points. (That blue bar that refills everyday beside your EXP bar)

The difference between FTG and ABP:

You have 700FTG a day. It runs out similar to ABP when you go to dungeons. But there’s a catch. Once you finish your FTG, you can’t go into dungeons anymore till it refills. I’m not too sure about nests and raids dungeons, but seeing the chaos and havoc in DN now, I’m guessing…no. The master and disciple system seems to extremely important now but it does not really help because most DN players are solo players. Meaning they don’t come into DN with friends or get attached to anyone online. You figure out the rest.

For now, it does not affect me (since I’m currently at the Max level) but it’s crazy lag in DN now and everyone is protesting. Heck, there’s a riot going on in Hollywood-Saint Haven right now, around the NPC events planner Irine.

^Credits to my friend in Hollywood relaying whats happening in his server.

Over here in Springwood, EVERYONE is threatening to quit. Saying they are going over to Diablo or off to find a new game to play. The newest one to spring out on mega was a page on Facebook, asking people to like the page to petition against FTG.

Pretty damn epic.

DNSEA should get it’s shit together. FTG goes down way too fast and if they really want people to keep on playing, they need to give ABP back to the players. Really, what’s the point of managing a game when no one plays it?

A few minutes ago, Admin changed the notification on the top bar, encouraging us to get masters and disciples when FTG was down to zero.

Well the low levels are settled for now, but BITCH WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO US MASTERS’?

Shit just got real. For me at least.

What about OUR FTG? So the low levels get to waste away our FTG while they happily reap what we sow? Sow as in painfully grinding at DOTC for weeks on. Its terrible I tell you, I’ve been through it. Twice.

The admins better flinging themselves into a bonfire so I may happily dance around it.

Everyone can see that the low levels (or non max levels) are not going to be satisfied with this for long. I know players who grind for hours on, 50-100 dungeons at least, a day. Call them crazy, I call them devoted but I’m not as hardcore as them. I get bored of grinding way too easily. Which explains why I took weeks to max a character out while others could take a measly 10 ten days or less. I don’t have that much attention span or stamina. That’s what she said.

Things aren’t going to go well with the max levels either. Huh! Pushing all the shit to us. You know what happens when those lower levels come after us? We come after YOU. And yes, that was a threat. Bitch.

In essence, I choose to write about this because I thought I would be delighted about the new patch and have fun introducing it to no one in particular who could be reading my blog. Instead, I come back to all this crap and riots online! They better change things before it’s too late.

The new costume sets are 32kCC! What the flying f-duck.



One thought on “DragonNestSEA has some balls of steel.

  1. שלום, רציתי להמליץ לכם על חברה העוסקת בהתקנה ובניה של סככות. באתר, פרופיל החברה וכן תמונות פרגולות נבחרות.

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