Hotel Rendezvous

One of the highlights of my week.

My sister treated my family to a buffet at Hotel Rendezvous!

There wasn’t a lot to choose from but it was totally worth it. Why?



Now look at this. Then repeat from the first picture! Awfully sinful, eaten with no regrets. Each person could only take 4 shells a time. My family went a good 5 rounds per person. The boy behind the counter probably recognized us. At one point of time, I swear he predicted my return and already had a plate prepared before hand. Of course, I smiled and thanked him politely. The next time I went, my plate had 5 shells. Score.

Even though there wasn’t much to choose from, I did manage to eat this:

To tell you the truth, the first time I saw it, I thought it was for display only. Then my sister brought it to the table with a pair or scissors. You’re supposed to cut the legs open (which was surprisingly easy) and plainly, eat the legs. No sauce needed. The meat was so sweet already! I would have taken a picture of the meat inside but I really couldn’t be bothered after it touched my tongue.

Another ‘must try’ at the hotel was its Laksa. I know, pretty weird signature dish. Here’s how it looks like:

Looks good right? I can’t compare it to the famous Katong Laksa. They tasted really different and good in their own different way. The portion was small, probably because it was buffet food. When I checked the menu for how much a bowl costs, I found it to be a whooping $17 per bowl. Damn, better eat more of this.

The next dish was eaten with a certain friend in mind.

To that certain friend that may be reading this entry, I love you sister! Lets go dim sum buffet next time!

It was good stuff. I however, made a fatal mistake of taking too much. It’s really filling. And if anyone is wondering, yes, I ate everything. Wasting food is bad after all. šŸ˜›

After eating enough sinful food to send me to the rocks of hell, I decided to eat something more… redeeming.

I had every salad they had to offer on this one plate.

From top left hand corner clockwise motion we have pumpkin with Italian dressing, which was surprisingly awesome despite it’s mushy appearance. Baby corn and broccoli,I felt was the worst because the broccoli was cold and the corn was as hard as an icicle. Hidden out of sight is the potato salad. The shy thing slipped under my Caesar salad. It wasn’t bad, but I had little because I didn’t want to fill myself up so fast.

The one I loved the most was the only thing on the plate that looked anything like a salad. I don’t even know if it qualifies as a salad anymore, but WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN CHEESE AND VEG TASTED SO GOOD TOGETHER? I think I just found out a great way to shove vegetables down my future child’s throat. Then again, I wouldn’t have to shove it because it’d be too good to resist. HAH.

My obsession with vegetables didn’t last long. Why? Because the dessert corner was situated just beside my family’s table. It was armed with two chocolate fondues, one milk chocolate and the other white chocolate. The stuff we could dip ranged from watermelons to freaking cheese cakes. Mother of penguins. Do you know what this means?

I had unlimited excess to chocolate fountains and chocolate dipped sweets.

I was so hyped, I almost forgot to take a photo.

Here’s a quick one. After which, I had flung myself back into my fountain(s) of sugar rush. The square ones are the cheesecakes. If you haven’t dunked cheesecakes into chocolate before, I strongly suggest you try it. That is all.

Of course the dessert wonderland wasn’t entirely dedicated to the chocolate twin fountains.As must as it seemed like it was. Other sweets like tarts and jellies would magically appear if you took your eyes off the fondue for once. After I sobered up from my sugar high, I managed to snag a few.

For the ones in the shot glasses, one is Kunyaku Jelly (a Japanese jelly) while the other is a CHOCOLATE SHOT. You may guess how many of those I had. It was like drinking from the fondue. After my third one (chocolate shot), I probably understood the meaning of dying of bliss. Either you puked everything out, or die trying to hold everything in. In case you all don’t already know, I don’t waste food which explains “dying of bliss”.Ā  As for the tart, it’s actually a chocolate black sesame tart. Sounds funny right? To tell you the truth, it was pretty damn awesome. The nuttiness of the sesame really complimented the chocolate, making it extremely chocolatey in the end. I wouldn’t advise eating too many of these though, too heavy.

The cupcake, was the definition of the saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. It looks darling doesn’t it? Just a a harmless little cupcake screaming ‘Eat meeeeee’. Well you’ll never be guess that the cake wasn’t chocolate. It was fruit cake ew. The icing on top was a combination of coconut and orange gone wrong double ew and no, that isn’t a cube of chocolate on top. It was a prune GROSS. Probably the one thing that scarred my taste buds enough to have them never craving another chocolate cupcake. Most horrid betrayal from a cupcake EVER.

Then comes the most fun part of the evening.

Do you hear the song SHOTS by LMFAO playing in the background? Because I do. Although it could be the chocolate talking.

From the extreme left; Chocolate shot, mango sago shot, DURIAN SHOT, jelly and ANOTHER durian shot.

The Durian shots, were DA BOMB. It’s really concentrated and the smell of durian only comes out when it’s already halfway down your throat. Who cares though, most people, if not everyone, should be accustomed to the smell of durian by now. This is Singapore for petes’ sake. But seriously, if ever you come to this restaurant, try this. No regrets. I swear by my stomach. I had two and felt sick as hell, but still, totally worth it.

Okay it’s late and I’m darn full.

Entry about pancakes tomorrow!



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