Strickly Pancakes

I have a queer group of friends. They have crazy personalities, insane imaginations for drama scripts and they don’t give a damn about their weight. They also find the best and most affordable food for us to savor together. To think people ask me how I can come to love them.

Recently, the Whatsapp chat bleeped. We were going to destination Pancakes. You may think, “How complicated can pancakes get?” Well think again.

At Strictly Pancakes, everything is literally strictly pancakes. Be it sweet or savory, I can assure you, there will be pancakes. They do serve hors d’oeuvres such as sandwiches and wedges.Of course you don’t see pancakes in the sandwiches. What do you think this is? A McMuffin? But who the hell goes to a pancake house and not eat pancakes? It’s like going to a steak house and trying to pick out something vegetarian.

The cafe is located opposite POMO Mall, which is between Dhoby Ghaut station and City hall station. I think.

What? Of course I didn’t get lost! I have my friends with me remember?

Google maps? Of course I can read that!

Whatever. We found the place on our first try because we were women with great sense of direction.

It was a really cozy place. We sat on the second floor. Yes, it had a second floor.

This was the how our window looked like (yay for the window seat!). One of my friends tried to open it without realizing it was partially blocked by the table. Never leaving her.Yes, that is I who is in the picture.

The pancakes. 

There are two kinds of pancakes, plain or chocolate. You can only have one stack of each flavor, no such thing as two chocolates and one plain. I guess there’s no such thing as best of both worlds in here :\

I had the pancake stack called ‘What a spread’. It’s peanut butter pancakes with Nutella, Kinder Bueno and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Sounds good? It looked good too.

Pardon the last one. Everyone was taking picture with their pancakes. I felt left out okay ): KIDDING. I’m just a narcissistic bitch. Plus I didn’t want this post to come off as a wannabe food review. This is a personal blog, not a specialized one. Humph!

What my friends had:

They call it ‘Strawberries and co.’. Its a stack with blue and strawberries and cream, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It looks really pretty doesn’t it? I don’t know about you, but it looks like something a really demure girl would have. Pretty in pink, plain and simple. Overall, a very light looking dessert. It’s far from light though, really filling. All of the pancakes were.

Unfortunately, I only have one picture of this one. To be honest, I think this picture makes it look good enough already.

This is creatively named, ‘Blackforest’. I wonder how is tastes like?

According to the website it is “three chocolate pancakes accompanied by brandied cherries and vanilla ice cream topped with homemade chocolate sauce, a sprinkle of chocolate flakes and cream.”

Well now we know.

Introducing, “The Druggie”.

It looks damn good doesn’t it?! It is three chocolate pancakes served with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, sprinkled with chocolate shavings and sliced strawberries, finished with a drizzle of hot fudge. I think it’s hot fudge. No clue. It tastes good and that’s all that matters! My friend got a little sick of it, probably because it was really filling for her. For all the chocoholics out there, this stack of pancakes is for you! *points*

I tried to help but I couldn’t finish mine. We swapped one pancake each but it turned out that she couldn’t stand peanut butter and returned it to me. What? Don’t waste food right?! Three and a half pancakes later, I was beat. My stomach had yet to recover from from it’s experience in Hotel Rendezvous.

Behold, the oh so important cup of water. The only thing that kept us sitting in there for a good three hours. It was really funny because we felt very embarrassed how the girl would simply come back to our table to refill our cups. It was as if she was trying to chase us away. It was a good thing she was really patient about everything. I feel really embarrassed just writing about this so I’m going to stop here. It’s a good place to chill though, just make sure you spend lots of cash there so you can buy the heart of your guilty conscience.


But seriously.

Candid picture taken by my friend, codenamed ‘Princess’.

It really is a picture of us just chatting and having a private bitch session. Okay maybe not bitching, more of catching up. I was starring out because it started raining. I was listening I swear.

We went over to POMO mall to go to the toilet. After that, we decided to take group photos to capture the memories (that sounds a little wrong. In terms of English. What were you thinking.). Photos below.

I really hate how I always fail to change my expressions in my photos. I really need to work on that don’t I? And don’t comment on my friend’s cliche leg-pop pose. She was doing the noble job of setting the self timer so she had to run in. She pulls it off naturally anyway!

P.S I don’t know why we are all bending down. It may have been my fault. I might have started it but it was only because I didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb with my height and everything.

If this left like a food review, I’m sorry. Here’s a picture of me playing with a free sample of soap.

It smelt really good! If only I could burn it and station it somewhere in my house.

Lastly, with this post, I am making a new category called ‘Food’. Pretty self explanatory.

Am I really that easy to amuse?



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