The Hunger Games

Guess who got tickets to go see the most anticipated movie of the year? I think.

Sorry for the blur picture. I woke up late and my brother from another mother had already booked tickets curses! My hand was shaky because we were practically running to the theater.

As I was saying, I went to watch The Hunger Games today. To tell you the truth, the title always had me stumped. Why ‘Hunger Games’? Were they going to eat each other or something? I don’t know. The first time I picked up the book (which was years ago), I expected it to be about an eating contest where a guy and a girl meet and fall in love. The book is actually about a guy and girl being picked from their districts or towns at random, to enter an arena. They would have to compete against one another to survive as there can only be one winner. Oh and yes, they do end up liking each other. I’m not sure about falling in love, but hey. I got close enough right? Not really.

The movie captured the game very well but as one of my friends told me, they didn’t capture the character’s emotions as fantastically. They weren’t horrible at it though, I still ended up crying when one of the innocent-not-bloody-thirsty contestants died. However, the way the movie was directed, it felt as if everything was centered on the female lead instead of both the male and female lead. Am I making sense?

Because of this, I really couldn’t take the movie seriously. Sure, I paid attention. But somewhere at the back of my head, I really was comparing it to Dragon Nest, PvP.

That made it more humorous because the way the whole game (as in hunger game) was laid out felt strangely similar to how Dragon Nest’s PvP mode, free for all, is laid out.

You could compare it as such, Dragon nest similarities are in bold:

-Weapons and supplies.

Potions for HP/MP and iron wall buffs

-The Capitals (people overlooking the event) setting up booby traps everywhere.

Damn game masters getting you stuck at a random corner forcing you to press ESC and return to different location. By then you’d be dead though.

-Parachutes from sponsors.

Random HP/MP potions that drop everywhere in PvP

-Killing someone and robbing their corpse.

Killing someone in PvP and have a drumstick lay where they had died.

-Being brought into the arena and being able to see the people around you for the first one minute.

Entering the arena and being able to see who to run away from for 3 seconds.

-The contestants lay landmines to kill other players.

The sorceresses in Dragon Nest are forever throw poison everywhere.

I guess the biggest difference between The Hunger Games and PvP is that:

1) You don’t get to fall in love with some random player in Dragon Nest because then boys would spontaneously turn gay. There aren’t many girls in Dragon Nest so the girls would have a pretty good chance. Unless we are damn sway (slang for being bloody unlucky).

2) We don’t get to climb trees to escape from other players.

3) We don’t flipping need to sleep halfway because we normally end up dying after less than 2minutes. 4 if you’re lucky.

4) We have respawn so if ever we ‘fall in love’ on the battlefield, we can always kill him/her and see him/her appear at a different location after some 20 seconds.

5) We have our personal kill count here so it’s possible to kill steal and we don’t to have any alliances.

6) An archer owning 22 other players that are practically sword masters and assassins? THAT PLAYER IS HACKING DAMMIT.

I have to admit though, the female lead made being an archer look frickin’ cool. My pride in being a bowmaster is restored.

The movie was really long so I was really tired after everything. Hungry too PUNNY.

If you haven’t read the book, you’d find this movie good. If you read the book, I think you’d rather the book. In other words, just read the book.

I don’t think this would be a movie I’d eagerly re-watch in the cinema. It’s not the movie’s fault though, I just don’t really like movies that aren’t romance based? Either that or it better be all mystery or all gore. I can’t have a little romance and a little mystery. Call me a spoil sport but I really can’t stand it.

Really tired and my hand itches.



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