Update on lilRIE

Hello everyone!

It’s been awhile since I last blogged about my character lilRIE and boy has she changed!


It would have been nicer an image if I haven’t forgotten how to hide the name at chat box when taking a photo. *shakes head*

Yes, I have a horsey! It all started when I was in Apocalypse(Hell) and rolled for a medallion. I would have sold the medallion if the party had not gone for another round and got me another medallion. After which I became obsessed with collecting medallions. They were really rare and just like every obsessed kid with history of Neopets behind them, I had googled and stalked this nest for the timings where most medallions would be dropped. Sadly, I found nothing and I was left with painfully farming at the nest itself. It wouldn’t be that bad if Apocalypse(Hell) was fun to play. It isn’t. Instead, it was a major pain in the butt. Apocalypse nest had a very irritating sub-boss that wields the element of electricity and I swear the boss exists solely to chase bowmasters across it’s map.

I felt like I was going against a really high life and damage Paladin or Priest. Plain horrid. It has this particular attack that kills you at one go if none of your team mates made it flinch. It is affectionately known as the ‘rape attack’ because the troll literally bend over, covers you entirely and you basically just die. I’m serious. I really hope no one has to go through what I had to.

I managed to collect 4 medallions after farming for 2weeks. I was discouraged and had managed to farm a lot of gold in that time. I was in desperate need of comfort spending. So I did. I bought the last two medallions. They weren’t cheap, but heck. I had money. The horse I have now may not be entirely mine, but I still love all the 4 medallions I put in to get it.


I have a new set. Oh gosh I know. I took such a huge risk. I sold my CNY set and looked like any other archer in Dragon Nest. It was dreadful because I am such a vain gamer. It’s a good thing I sold it fast because the market for it plummeted the next day. I managed to buy the full set at a bargain because people really don’t know how much to sell it for when things first come out. I didn’t get the hair though, I don’t really fancy it.

Dragon Nest also gave me DNP to spend (don’t ask why). I bought an altea box and guess what I got?! A white fox/dog tail! I was really excited because it helps with my damage. Regretfully, my damage still titters around the 3.9k mark. I would buy a vortex code for my Nerwin longbow but I would rather wait for my next level cap before I did so.

Shit I’ve been doing.

How I got this? I was doing Saint Haven’s Boss rush because I didn’t want to use my FTG. I got a hidden battle and I was faced with a freaking Manticore. Not the Calderock one, the Saint Haven one. Bloody hell by myself? I managed to kill it after 15 tiring minutes of dodging and flinching every time I got hit by the boss. I didn’t last very long in the arena though. I had no mp or hp. I was challenged by an invisible monster next and it was the end of me.

Don’t worry though, I went in again and promptly showed it who was boss.


The above pictures are failed screenshots. The first one was supposed to show the Multi-Kill notification while the second was supposed to show Ultra-Kill. I wasn’t fast enough as I was constantly under attack. I had to protect the captain you see. Don’t look at my life. I had to do a great deal of dodging to keep it that way.

If still no one believes me, here’s the end result.

Its so funny because both the top players on each team both had 11 kills and no captain kills. We had the same rank too. We lost but my Col.EXP was through the roof.

Alright I need to go train my precious disciple now.

Till the next level cap, probably sooner!



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