Underaged Clubbing.

For the title? I kid. I just didn’t know what to peg as this entry’s title.

Yesterday, I went to my friend’s 21st birthday celebration at Sentosa villa!

To be honest, I didn’t take any photos at all because I didn’t think I’d be writing about it but my friends brought their cameras, took lots of pictures and uploaded them within the next 24 hours. So here I am thinking, why not?

Sadly, I’ll be needing a disclaimer for this entry.

DISCLAIMER: None of these pictures are mine. I did not take them nor spend time tagging everyone on Facebook. I merely stole them so I would write this entry.

Sentosa Villa. The name itself sounds expensive don’t you think? But who cares what you think because fact be fact, it was expensive. Bloody expensive. I’ve checked, and you don’t want to know how much a night over there would cost you.

I don’t know about the others, but I was pretty damn excited to be going to the villa. Being a total introvert, you shouldn’t be surprised how I haven’t been to certain parts of my country. And my country is already so small. So make a guess, and I don’t mean my new bag.

I haven’t been to that part of Sentosa at all.

Go on, laugh at me. 😡

I always thought that the only things you could do in Sentosa was go to Universal Studios Singapore, get sun burnt by the beach and buy overpriced mineral water. I never had good experiences in Sentosa. Except USS of course.I would entertain you with my reluctant adventures through Sentosa but I have tons so I’ll leave it for another entry.

We took the sky train to beach station and started asking for directions because none of us knew how to get to the villa. Heck, I didn’t know Sentosa had rented villas. Turns out, the villas were at the very first station of the sky train and we have to take a charted bus back to the sky train’s first stop. It wasn’t that bad because we had a lot of time on our hands and the bus was free to ride.

What’s there to do on a considerably long bus ride?

Cam whore.

I think I half-derped in this picture.

Okay so I only have two pictures here but assure you, there is more to come. It was too cramp to cam whore anyway!

We got off in front of Beaufort Hotel where we seemingly checked in with the receptionist. Damn the service here is good. Once the receptionist had confirmed our identities and decided we weren’t a group of terrorists, he had what looked like a golf cart sent down to chauffeur us to the villa! Culture shock. Normally, I’d get lost for a while finding a chalet while feeding mosquitoes but this one sends us directly to the place!

UNLEASH THE CAM WHORE PICTURES (I told you there was more)

The photos are a little blur but what do you expect from a person taking photos on a moving thingwithamotor  animal  golf cart vehicle? The cart was supposed to only be able to hold 4 people but we, being skinny people (just kidding the cart was huge. 4 obese people maybe.), squeezed and it was a snug fit. It was really funny because one of my friends, I shall not say who, was really jumpy and was asking the driver to drive slowly while another friend told her that we might already be late and that the driver should speed up. Goodness, he must have been very amused with us lot.

When we were finally outside the villa (not that the ride was long), we found we were at a lost of what to do. Since we were only invited to the celebration, we didn’t know anyone but the birthday boy himself and since this was a surprise birthday party, the birthday boy was somewhere in Singapore, blissfully unaware of everything. In other words, we were about to enter a house full of people we didn’t know or were yet to be formally introduced or acquainted. Awkward? Tell me about it.

We entered slowly, not daring to come into view of anyone we didn’t know (which meant everyone who was already helping to prepare for the surprise.) Not knowing how to offer our help, we decided to place ourselves on the couch which was situated in the very center of the villa. This meant we were in full view to anyone who was walking by or plainly sitting and eating at the dining table. If awkwardness could hurt, lets just say it just did.

To make things less awkward (although I’m not sure it helped), we started to take pictures again.

^ The television that helped make the awkwardness more bearable. Thank God for this 14inch flat screen.

As part of preparation, all of us had to wear party hats. I’m serious. Cones with confetti placed on our heads. I didn’t even wear one when I was younger. Oh well, for a friend, why not. YOLO.

When we had to start preparing for the birthday boy’s arrival, we were told to switch the telly off. I felt so lost without it. I think we all did, as we stood there awkwardly in the dark, waiting for our friend to walk through the doors blindfolded.

I guess our suffering in awkwardness wasn’t in vain after all, as our classmate walked through the door and was friggin’ surprised and touched to tears if I should add.

We took more pictures with the birthday boy before we finally managed to dominate the dining table and basically, camp there.

Playing with perspectives while nomming.

As it was getting late, the birthday boy’s parent decided to make a move and the party officially got serious.

I’m talking people setting up DJ decks and mixing their drinks. They shut off the lights and had seizure inducing lights flashing everywhere. Hence the title of my entry. I swear what happened then scared the daylights out of me. If this wasn’t bad enough, someone pulled a smoke machine out of no where and all of a sudden, I couldn’t tell who my friends were. Not that I was drunk. I didn’t even drink!

Here’s what it looked like:

If you can tell, that’s me in the second picture.

Warning bells were ringing for my friends and I to get out of here. It was smoky and I was starting to lose my voice. I saw people bringing shisha jugs out to the pool side and I think I someone was drunk grinding someone else already.

Our friend, the birthday boy, said his friend was coming with a car that he could borrow and drive us back to Singapore (since Sentosa really is an island by itself) and have us on the last train back. My friends and I had to be home by 12am and by 11.15pm, we were panicking. No matter how little I go out this holidays, I was not about to get myself grounded! No way!

We ended up calling a cab, which said he would reach us outside the villa in 5 minutes. Relieved, we went in to say our goodbyes and thank the people who invited us for having us. The phone rang and the cab told us he had reached. But we went out, we found no cab.

That was probably the most FML moment of the week. My dad finally loosens my curfew to 12am and I couldn’t believe a cab with no sense of direction or decent a GPS was going to screw everything up! We gave that taxi driver the postal code and everything. My friend called the cab and demanded to know his location. He insisted he was at the destination and that he was waiting. You know what waiting means? He had already started charging us a waiting fee! The bloody bastard had karma on his heels. That was no way to treat 3 extremely nervous Cinderellas. Just no.

Since we had already called the cab, we had no choice but to walk over to where the cab was waiting for us. Lets just say I’d rather pay in cash than in my trust and my father’s wrath. Who wouldn’t? You know how Asian parent are…

When we got there, the cab was no where to be seen. Can you believe that? What the fudge. My friend tried to call him again but he didn’t pick up. What the hell was he doing? What could you do in a car but listen to music and wait? Urgh. Don’t tell me.

It was 11.30pm and we simply could not wait any longer. We went to the reception and called another cab which managed to reach the correct location (which was right in view of my friends and I) within 5 minutes. Wasting no time, we hopped in and were finally on our way.

Then it happened.

The cab called back. The nerve of him! After a good 15 minutes of us calling us before. My friend stared at her phone and muted it. I think it’s a little too soon, but at that point of time, I really thought it felt like something from a drama. Where the girl calls the guy first because she’s insecure about something and the guy doesn’t notice but when he does, he calls back but by then the girl would be depressed and doesn’t answer it. I still feel very bad for doing that, but we had to do what had to be done.

Any of you who may be cursing me now because that cab driver might have been your dad or something, stop it already. When I was reaching my destination, I realized something wet on my thigh. It wasn’t blood. Which was a good thing, if not I’d be writing an entry about periods affectionately titled ‘Bloody Hell’ instead of this. It was water. My whole bag as well as my book was wet. I did what a Cherie would do first. I saved my book. It’s binding was soaked and it broke my heart. See? Karma. Now stop hating me and get on with life.

I managed to reach home on time. Thank the heavens.

I got home and had a total bitch fit about the cab driver in attempt to make myself feel better. Must admit, it did help a little. Can’t say I’m not guilty anymore though.

With that, I started hair drying my book from page one while reading it. I had to be so careful with it. My baby was so broken )’:

By 12.30am I gave up and said goodnight to my book from it’s private ICU located at the top of my refrigerator.

It’s fine now, thanks for asking!

Still doesn’t know what to do for her 21st birthday,



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