Rotting into my own laziness

Oh gosh. Probably the most gross-act-cute-thing I will ever do. Don’t count on it though, I’m known to surprise.

Just me playing with this furry cat that I bought recently. You can’t see it, but it’s actually a llama. I KNOW. SO CUTE RIGHT?

It’s not on tumblr because I don’t really want my followers to think I’m already a full-fledged narcissistic bitch. Yet. A very act-cute one at that. That rhymed :}

What I’ve been doing the whole day:

-Filming for this gif

-Editing/cutting the video

-Finding a way to turn it into a gif. (gifninja! Heh. Reminds me of a friend.)


-Doing a mask

-Conserving energy on the couch = Sitting on my ass all day playing with my laptop.

-Uploading gif on wordpress.

-Find excuses for making that gif.

-Complain I’m hungry and still refuse to move.

-Decide that I really need to shower.

Which I am about to do right now so toddles!

Okay fine, the gif was meant for someone.



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