March babies, marching me to the nearest ATM.

Horrible I tell you. Just horrible. This is the third time this month that I will me writing about a birthday. I could open a whole new category called ‘Birthdays’. I probably will have to plan better next year because, dang I’m really feeling the pinch this month. To make things worst, my allowance will be cut for the next 3 weeks. Don’t ask why, it just was.

Simply put, I’m pretty much surviving by myself now and I have a terrible OCD for the number I see in my bank account. Mainstream people call this stinginess. But just to show you that I’m actually a very big-hearted and generous person, I’d be proud to tell you that I had spent a good 30% of my savings this month alone. People who know me well me enough, they know that I stinge so much I’d rather go without food and eat at home even though I know I’d have to wait a good 3 more hours before I can eat. Probably one of my worst flaws besides my spelling.

But I decided that money has to go somewhere and the only reason I save is for a rainy day. Like birthdays or if I become a wanted criminal and need to row away from Singapore on a sampan dressed as a man. So for my lovelies, I will gladly splurge. In fact, I’ve spent so much, I owe a few of them cash. xP

Moving on to the main reason why I’m writing,

3rd April was one of my friend’s birthday. She’s so sweet and nice, I love her to bits and pieces. 2nd April, the girls and I got together at a mall and brainstormed about what she should get her. It was tough, fun and totally worth it. We did up our cards and at the end of the day, we were happy with the effort we put in.

3rd April:

The girls and I met at 11pm at Bugis Junction to eat and prepare for the birthday girl’s arrival. The moment we met, we put our plan into action. The day before, one of the girls told the birthday girl that another one of the girls, codenamed ‘Princess’, and I were not free to go out with her. The plan was to text her on the day itself to apologize with the most obnoxious and self-centered reason ever.

My reason:

I’m sorry I can’t go today. An event in Dragon Nest came up today and I really want to get the free limited edition cash items that they’re giving out. Hope you understand. ❤

Princess’s reason:

I can’t go out yet. My drama is really exciting right now. I’ll meet you for dinner okay? <3!

Now tell me. If someone did that to you, would you be pissed? I know I would. Yet the birthday girl, QY, was totally fine with it. So fine with it, we thought she was on to us. But she seemed sad over the messages, making us feel like horrible people. Don’t you see why we love this girl to bits?

She reached at 12.05pm and YF, one of my friends, told her to meet us at The Wallet Shop while we were sitting at Subway-directly one floor below The Wallet Shop. I don’t understand how she can memorize the mall so quickly. The mall is huge.

Moving on, we say QY going up the escalator. We were seated just beside the escalator! It’s a good thing she didn’t spot us. She messaged us and told us she was outside the shop. Us = YF and J, another one of my friends. xD

YF messaged her, telling her they decided to walk down to Subway instead, making her look stupid taking the escalator down again. But that was when she saw the 4 of us, looking up at her and waving. Just looking at her face light up, it’s pretty hard to believe that that girl was 19. When she met us, she was pleasantly surprised to see Princess and I. We asked if she really thought we would miss her outing. She can deny all she wants but she totally fell for it. Hehehe 😉

First thing we planned for the outing, Neoprints.

That’s right people. I’m Asian and loving it. Actually I don’t know any other race that takes neoprints. If there is, that works too.

Taking pictures in the booth because the lighting is awesome. I smile so awkwardly I swear. In the picture from left to right. J, me and finally QY.

Left to right. Princess, QY and J!

Decorating the pictures 😀


If you put the printed neoprints on bright light, the neoprints will look nicer? I didn’t know that.

I got hungry so I asked the group if we could go sit down and have doughnuts.

Doughnut pictures:

This is also where phase two of ‘Surprise QY’ unfolded. We gave her her first ‘gift’. I was actually a dummy gift. The day before, YF turned up with a Mr.Bean coupon pamphlet. We had this brilliant idea of giving it to QY to see how she would react. Her face was priceless. I guess she didn’t get angry because she knew we were just joking with her.We gave her our cards afterwards.

A picture of QY with her coupons. We weren’t so bad alright? We gave her more than one coupon at least! :X The best part was that she actually kept it. Any normal person would toss it. But QY isn’t normal, she’s special. *Awwwww* I know right.

While she was still sitting quietly and nomming on her doughnut, YF brought out the first part of her actual gift. That’s right, there’s more than one present!

This is a pretty random fact, but YF was the one that wrapped all the presents. That is all.

The gift was a gel eye liner. I don’t know how to pick make up so the girls picked it for her. It was something QY wanted to buy. In fact, she was talking about dragging us to Watsons to buy eyeliner before we sat down for doughnuts. Not letting her recover from shock, YF pulled out her next gift.

MAKE UP REMOVER! Credits to YF for swearing by it. I trust her wholeheartedly because if a girl swears by her own make up, you know she’s serious.

Okay so she didn’t really swear by her make up but she fought for this products to be bought so I’m pretty confident it’s good. Even though the closest thing I’ve come to make up was gloss and mascara
I totally trust you YF.

QY has this funny habit too. She always tries to re-wrap the presents so that she can stuff it into her bag. But YF had it taped up good, giving QY no way of doing so. It was still fun watching her try though.

Just when she thought it was finally the end, YF pulled out the final present. A make up pouch. Don’t ask me why YF is the one pulling out everything. She was the only one with the huge-ass bag. Princess had a really awesome ninja bag but it wasn’t enough for the awesomeness of QY’s present. J bag wasn’t really big enough while I didn’t even have a bag. I’m working on it!

The way she poses with the gifts is like she’s advertising for them. Just can’t help but think that way.

Random photo of YF and I.

QY wanted to pass by Bugic Street, which was this huge place with really cheap clothes. Cheap as in pricing not slutty. Since we were passing by Topshop and I had a $50 voucher, the group went in to help me spend it. Spend it in a sense that they would have to approve of what I chose to buy. After a good 7 rejections, they decided I needed shoes and dragged me over to the shoe section. Dragged because they knew how much I didn’t like shopping for shoes. Some girl I am.

I know next to nothing about shoes. All I knew was that it was something I had to wear if not I would get foot-rot. I didn’t know how to match shoes to my clothes for nuts. I only have a pair of black flats to go with everything I wore. Because I wear it so much, the soles keep coming off and I have to keep super gluing them back together. So yes, I do need shoes. Pretty badly too.

The best part of having girl-friends? Their judgement is never wrong. YF picked out a pair of pastel pink flats for me. I’m not very fond of pink but you know what? Pink is always better. It’s a girl rule so I might as well start acting like one. The girls nodded in agreement and before I knew it, I’m walking around the store looking for the cheapest things to get since I had $14 left from my voucher.

What I did with it?

I bought Princess undies. That’s right. And I’m not ashamed to say it. I BOUGHT UNDIES FOR ANOTHER GIRL WHAT SO WRONG ABOUT IT. She really liked it and I thought it was cute too. It looked a little big though, really hope it doesn’t fall off her. :\ I feel so motherly now. (blush)

I paid for everything and we were on our way to Bugis Street.

We only walked around the 2nd and 3rd floor of the ‘street’, mainly because the first floor was havoc. People swarmed around food stalls and blocked small passageways to the many stalls selling clothes. Trust me, you don’t want to go there. Let’s not forget the extremely awkward as well as random sex shop located dead center of the street. You can’t miss it with all its neon lights flashing. If you see anyone starring at the shop, simply walk on. Don’t make eye contact. Don’t.

QY wanted to buy a dress so we accompanied her. It was a really nice dress. For only $20 dollars. TWENTY DOLLARS! *Auntie mode on* Now where in the world would you find a decent $20 dress? Only in Singapore, Bugis Street.

All of us bought furry hats too, which explain my earlier gif, I think. The gif managed to traumatize YF to a point that she doesn’t want to stalk my WordPress anymore. )’: BABY COME BACK.

All of us got hungry (again) and decided to have early dinner. :0

We squeezed out of the crowd and got into a toilet. Some of the girls had to go while some touched up on their make up. But what if you didn’t want to do either?

Finally! A picture with Princess inside! I really hate this dumb smile of mine here but it’s the only picture with Princess inside. You don’t see her in many of the picture because she’s the one taking all the photos. All credits to her!

We walked over to have dinner. Guess what we had? STEAMBOAT! 😀 It was those kinds that allows you to grill stuff too :3

J and QY!

J,YF and QY! 😀 Look at QY’s earrings blow in the wind ~ ^.^

We picked lots of stuff for the steamboat and BBQ.

Spicy tom yam soup. YF peeled all the prawns for us! 😀

Herbal chicken soup.

We decided to be healthier and dumped loads of cabbage into our soup.

Makes me hungry just looking at it.

I tried my best to make the herbal chicken soup as sweet as possible but gave up after they added extra soup for the 4th time. I had to eat the stuff I boil in there you know!

QY had to get back to her neighborhood to meet up with her secondary school friends so we all parted ways then.

Had an awesome day with the girls! xD Can’t wait for the next birthday :>

This entry already contains so many unglamorous pictures of me so let me just finish off with this.

I think the picture speaks for itself.



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