Solo Nesting.

Today, I woke up with the brightest idea this holiday. I’ll video lilRIE solo nesting.

Problem is,

Windows media player seems to screw all my videos up by making the colours on the video run, fast forwarding… Lets just say everything that could go wrong in a video, went wrong.

I promised I would work on figuring this out so I did. Early in the morning, 11.40am, I woke to Google for answers. Turns out, all I needed was an AVI player. I downloaded it and I was on my way of making random Dragon Nest videos again.

And I played Dragon Nest, happily ever after. *confetti*

On with the videos.

^ Minotaur nest.

^ Cerb nest.

There’s this very long pause in the middle. I actually had to get up to close windows because it started raining. Oh well *shrug*

^ This is the new one that I wanted to film for the gif. But thought WMP had it corrupted.

Okay off to play more PvP.



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