Moodless Monday

HAHA. Found that on tumblr this afternoon. Just sharing.

Anyway, I woke up in the wee hours of morn, 7.30am actually, by my sister’s alarm. If listening to her phone scream ‘TITANIUM’ three times isn’t enough, she had hit snooze and I had to go though that horrid shrieking another 4 more times. *grumble* Let’s not go to being forced to see my sister strip and dress in a daze. Sometimes she’ll even ask me what she should wear to which  I would tell her to go naked and just get out of the room. She’ll just laugh and slam the closet doors. Urgh!

9am, I was just about to drift back to sleep when they started construction at a nearby block. ;_; Today really wasn’t my day. I decided to scroll twitter for a bit, catching up on what my friends had been up to last night. Apparently, TPFO starts today!

TPFO stands for Temasek Poly Freshman Orientation. It is a camp for year ones to meet other year ones from other schools- Engine, Applied Science, Business, Info. Tech., Design, HSS. It’s where you make your mark on the social ladder in TP, mainly because you get to mingle and socialize with other students, increasing your contacts. I’ve never been a fan of socializing so I never went for the camp. I heard they had to sleep in the sports hall last year. So little fans, so stuffy. That’s bonding right there.

Back to the point.(Actually I don’t really have a point.*shrug*)

I normally have very awesome hair (I say so myself) when I wake up. Today, I had the worst bed head ever.

Taken at 9am in the morning. Freaking sleepy. Tried smiling but had no strength to. LOOK AT MY HAIR. ITS A MESS. I had to wash it to tame all the ends. Combing didn’t help- I tried. Wait for it…


Aha~ Sorry, inside joke.

But there’s one thing that I noticed. My pimples are better!


Most of my friends know how pissed off I was with my face these past few months. It put me in a bad mood all the time. I didn’t want to look in mirrors. At one point of time, I didn’t even want to enter toilets. Bladder? It can wait till I get home!

I tried all sorts of facial cleansers but none worked. There was one facial cleanser then made my lips peel and it hurt like crazy. I had to resort to chapstick-ing every morning. Chapstick isn’t fun at all. It gets sticky on your lips and dries out way too fast. To make things worst, all my lectures and tutorials were in air conditioned rooms, making the gloss dry out even faster. What happens when it dries out? You have to touch up. Where? At a near by toilet. Oh joy! More mirrors! Don’t even get me started on food. I couldn’t have anything spicy for months. Day officially ruined.

I never really complained to anyone but my family. My friends know though. My face was always black and I was always in a rush to get home. When they asked, I’d tell them I was pissed with my face. They’d stare at me for a while and nod. One even went to The Body Shop to get free samples of Tea tree oil. *touched* Even my god brother noticed, making me ever so self conscious.

Then I decided I had had enough. I got my aunt to accompany me to a dermatologist. She gave me cream and sent me home. At first I thought I had been cheated. But look at me now 😀 Taking my first cam whore shot in ages!

‘Oh Cherie, your life must be so hard.’

You’re damn right it is!

I know having break outs aren’t the end of the world okay. It’s just that I know, from experience, that life is short and if something like this is getting me down, I might as well do something about it. We gotta be happy people!

Oh well, at least I’m happier now. :>

Sorry for making you read my rants. Here’s a very studious picture of me.

That’s my bestie in the background! :’D And I really was drawing, not studying. If I’m not wrong, this was taken at some workshop that I was forced to go to for CCA points. I don’t even think I was paying attention.

Audio Technica headphones FTW!



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