Moving into my storeroom?


Reason for this entry:

-I had to prove I have awesome hair when I wake up. (most of the time)

-I’m bored.

-I don’t know how to start on this entry.


Recently, my family has been talking about my sleeping patterns.

Sleeping pattern of Cherie Sim:

Sleep at 1am -> Wake up 11.30-12pm -> Officially wake up -> Nap at 4pm -> Officially wake up at 6pm -> Sleep at 1am -> Repeat

I thought sleep was good for complexion. I GUESS NOT. Humph.

Anyway, my family has been talking about how a waste of space I am. Waste of space as in. I don’t take up the space that I’m given. In other word, I’m not taking up enough space. Here’s a diagram.

Random fact about me:

My bed is a roller bed. It’s closer to the ground because I keep rolling off my bed at night. I don’t sleep like a log people. Unless by log you mean rolling log then, yes. I am a log.

The diagram looks good right? Thanks. I played a lot of ‘Draw something’ for that.

Here is the problem.

Tsk tsk. Waste of space. But sadly, it’s true. I can’t occupy such a big bed! I’m just not used to it.

They tell me that if even I had to go overseas by myself, the hotel room is going to be the biggest waste ever.

What I do in my room:

-Charge my phone



I don’t even change in my room.

Still don’t get it?

Let me use more diagrams to show you.

MY ROOM. THE (badly drawn) BLUEPRINT

The one in yellow dotted line is the only place in the room that I actually make use of.

What happens if I have a hotel room to myself.


The red box on the bed is probably the amount of space I will take up on the bed. The green bubble is the only places I will be roaming around in the hotel room.

This has been going on for as long as I can remember.

This is why they have been trying to move me to the storeroom.


It actually makes sense right? I am swayed. It’s my only chance at my own room.

Unfortunately, my sister is planning to turn the storeroom into her guinea pig enclosure so I’m not sure if I should be happy or not. But these are just my ideas for now.

Chasing after her Harry Potter dreams,


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