Why everyone should go to Perth. The essay.

Pardon this long overdue post. I can’t concentrate on writing when I’m not somewhere quiet and there’s been a lot going on in my head recently.

Let’s get a move on.

This is pretty sudden but… I’m going to Perth next break!

That’s right. I’m going to be sitting on a plane, shopping, finally leaving the continent, seriously freeze my ass off, getting lost without anyone judging me and spending whole lot of time with my best friends!

There’s just one problem.

One of us can’t make it.

This sucks big time because all of us have our own unique way of making each other laugh and have a good time. If one of us are missing, it just won’t be the same anymore! Inside jokes won’t be as funny and we’ll probably end up missing the last one instead of having the time of our lives. I know many people don’t think much of Australia (Truly Asia -thatsthewrongslogan) but paired with close friends, the dosage of fun we have would be lethal.

Before I start anything, I’d like to say this.

This entry is going to be an extremely one-sided entry, so sue me.

I had to talk to my dad about this (duh) so I pretty much know what he’s worried about when I go overseas without him or my mother.

Crime rates.

The works. Getting robbed, getting raped, being kidnapped and being cheated. Did I miss anything else?

Firstly, no country is without crime. It’s just how high or low it’s rate is. I am happy as I am relieved to say that the crime rate in Perth is relatively low. It’s not as good as Singapore’s though, where you can simply go out to jalan have a walk at 3am and expect not to be robbed, slashed or abducted. Besides, all shops close at 5pm so there would be virtually nothing to do after that timing. Sure, we could go for a walk. But how long can we possibly walk for and how far?

As for being kidnapped, we’ll be in a pretty big group so if anyone grabs one of us, they’re going to have to take all of us and I doing think any one can snag 6 kids off the side walk without making a scene. Even if they try to, rest assured, we won’t be walking near the sidewalk. Mainly because I don’t feel like wondering how good drivers are in Perth (you know, in case they decide to lose control of their steering wheel randomly and take a few of us down. You never know.) Not taking chances there, I’ll walk on the grass if I have to.

Knowing my friends well enough, we’d rather huddle up somewhere (like a house) and keep warm. It’s going to be cold. That’s a given. But hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. There’s another safety net though. This leads us to my next point.

Adult supervision.

We aren’t going to be going wild in Australia. Heck, my idea of going wild is dancing alone in the study with my stereos blasting. I’m serious.

Anyway, we would be under the supervision of my friend’s father and wife. That’s two adults right there! Buy one get one free! I trust they aren’t about to let us go partying at night and get ourselves wasted, so there you have it. We probably will have curfew to get home and if we don’t, like what I stated in my earlier point, there isn’t going to be much we can do after 5pm anyway.

If anyone is wondering, I’m not that fond of drinking and neither are any of the girls. Sure, I’ve tasted but I don’t have a drinking problem. A lot of parent these days should be more appreciative that their children don’t have drinking problems. Just saying.

Talking about curfews, this brings me to my next point.

Food and lodging.

The main reason why this trip is so tempting is because we don’t have to book a hotel.

We have free lodging.

All the cheap-o Singaporean say ‘What?!’

That’s right. A house with good security at night and parental guidance. You can’t get that anywhere but here and now.

No need to worry about your kid not locking the door at night and being kidnapped because of it!

No need to worry about your kid whoring herself out while you aren’t looking!

Free wifi so you get to webcam your kid everyday you don’t see her physically!

Burglars? They even have a dog for that.

Why wait? This is the best deal you can get in for your kid in the next few years!

As for the food, we’ll be having breakfast with my friend’s family but eating out for lunch. Dinner would be at home though.

Oh c’mon. You thought you’d had free food too? You’ll have to spend your money on some of the relevant stuff you know.

But it’s still a pretty good deal. *nods in agreement*

I can only hope that this trip that we’ve all been so excited in planning and talking about will come to pass.

I don’t think we’ll ever get a chance like this again,



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