lilRIE’s Dragon Nest video

My Dragon Nest category has been very dead for a while. I NEED TO PERK IT UP.

Recently, I’ve been having lots of fun making videos. Mainly because I just found a new function on Windows Movie Maker noob.


I’ve been watching lots of Dragon Nest videos online recently. Been looking for level 50 class transformations and tips to pick up for PvP (because DNSEA just doesn’t want to raise the damn level cap). It’s so fun to watch, I swear. Which makes me think, why can’t I do it?

So I set out to film a bunch of dungeons with my bowmaster, mixed in a little bit of PvP and using my newest function I learnt in WWM, I came up with this.

It took a while to do up, since I have school and such. But I was really excited for it so I rushed it.

Of course, I should have used a proper camera to film everything. But hey, first time for everything. *shrug*

I’ll be doing one for my sister’s account, Elemental Lord, soon.

Stay tuned!



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