Nests and Ladder

So I realized my Dragon nest category has been pretty darn dead lately.

For updates, Sea Dragon Nest is FINALLY out on DragonNestSEA. Problem is, it’s open to level 40s’ and the first map is already super hard. I’m not sure if the mob’s lives are really high or their defense is really good, but damn, they are hard to kill. I’ve tried once. The failure was too great.

You know what, I’ll film all the times I go into the nest. All the way till I finish the bloody thing! -MOTIVATION-

Anyways, I’ve filmed a variety of other things too. One nest and one ladder.

Been really rusty from ladder recently, mission rooms have been spoiling me rotten.

Alright! I’ll leave you with these~

^ Ladder play

^Manticore nest



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