Flying, Ice cream and Sister Bonding

I haven’t been telling anyone what I’ve been doing recently.


On a random Sunday morning, my sister pulls me out of bed and decides we were going to get my baking stuffs. The catch? I’d have to go to Funan Digital Mall to collect her Blackberry. Honestly, I didn’t mind. Problem was, it already 11am and I haven’t showered. Neither had I eaten. She even told my housekeeper not to cook our lunch! I was really hungry but for baking stuff, I decided would have to suck it up and deal with it.

We journeyed to the mall and scouted for the shop. I bought the basic stuff and was shooed out by my sister as she was, according to her, famished and ready to eat me.

Almost forgot to show you a picture I took of the both of us during the bus ride over.

^ This is the original photo.

Sisi uploaded it on Facebook and it got *cough* a lot of attention. Apparently many people can’t tell us apart. I don’t see how they can’t. My sister looks so sultry. And no, that’s my headphones in the picture. Not a sticker.

It was only while we were walking over to the Ajisen where my sister confessed she was broke. Being the generous person I am *COUGH*, I decided to treat her to a meal. That women wasn’t shy at all. She up-sized her bowl and ordered a premium for ala carte. No biggie though, she always treats me to meals so it was a good opportunity to give a little back.

Over lunch, she filled me in on where she was flying to the next day. She was really low because she was called back and her plans for that week were ruined. Not to mention she was broke. I consoled her and asked her if she needed a little help. Whatever that happened next shall be censored in case I get sued for anything I say. Actually, I was just too lazy to elaborate.

After that, we made our way over to Funan and collected her BB.

In a good mood, sisi decided to treat me to ice cream! I wanted to go to Coldstone but she said she wanted to bring me to somewhere with better ice cream. I won’t name it here but those who who follow my twitter will know. Because I checked in there ahahaha.


We had two rounds.

This is one part Salted Egg Yolk and one part Salted Caramel Cheesecake. It is good shit. But I don’t want to share it with you all because I’m a selfish whore! >:D Just kidding. I’m sure that if you googled this flavour the creamery name will pop up immediately. I’m just too lazy to google and properly site anything.

I love the colour combination on this one. This is Green Tea and Chocolate. The chocolate is fabulous. When I make my cakes, the chocolate is going to be this rich. The green tea on the other hand wasn’t as buttery and MOF’s. It was a tab bit grainy but it was just the way I liked it. Rustic feeling.

Let’s not forget the cam whoring pictures!


Sisi! 😀

Sisi abandoned me shortly after because she had to celebrate a birthday of a close friend. Plus I was missed back at home.

Yup, I should totally do this more often. Never felt so free in my life.



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