Ice cream, Jubeat, DDR and a dash of WTF

I had a date today!

Yes today!
(not really)

I went out with an old friend of mine to catch up and chill. It was one of the best times ever. Talking and asking how everything is. I haven’t had a catch up in a while.

I met her at 2pm at Plaza Singapura and we walked over to a creamery. Yes, I had more ice cream!

We sat and chatted about our views; shared stories about our poly lives. Her’s was really interesting. It made mine look dull never to hers. It was so full of colour and vibrancy. So jealous!

Here’s a picture of how our ice cream looked like:

It’s a salted caramel latte with reese and marshmallows. Pretty darn delicious.

We talked for a good hour as well as attempt to steal glances at one of the guys in Coldstone. She said he had really nice eyes (only because anything else was covered by a mask) while I was staring at the ball of deliciousness he was tossing around. As business picked up, we made a move to walk down Orchard Road.

I asked her if she wanted to go see hot guys. She nodded and off we went to stow away in a shop full of good looking people.

As we got closer to Abercrombie and Fitch (Yes, that’s where we went!), she got really shy and actually tried to run away. Nonetheless, I managed to drag her in. They had a different model! Ahahahaha. So being the Pokemon trainer that I am, I decided I needed a picture to start my collection of Singapore’s Abercrombie and Fitch models. My friend on the other hand, had only just started her epic adventure similar to mine.

Here’s the picture(s):

I keep thinking he looks like Clark Kent from Smallvile. Don’t you think? Felt like I just took a photo with a celebrity. OwO

Still feeling the adrenaline in our veins, we walked over to Sommerset 313 to find something to eat. We were lured into Marche by the sweets and cakes. Walking down the steps like flies to a pitcher plant, we obtained out cards. Walking around, we realized that the sweets were only sold upstairs D:

Feeling a little (actually very) stupid and embarrassed, we decided to at least buy something to eat.

We decided on pizza, because it looked so good and smelt heavenly.


Salami w Mushroom (:

Me with a slice. Taken by Jiaen. Yes! That’s her name 😀

Full and feeling fat, we hiked back to Plaza Singapura where I suggested we go have a little fun in the arcade.

I only play a few games at the arcade,

-Para Para Paradise



Jiaen was my paparazzi for the day.

^Playing ParaPara

^Candid shot for Jubeat

Ahahahaha this is me playing Jubeat. One of the dumbest things I’ve done. All thanks go to Jiaen for filming me xD

If you watch closely, at the beginning I slipped and screamed.

This is some DDR game that I played and Jiaen filmed. It’s Twist King by the popular korean variety show’s Kookie~ Its not so easy okay! Sweat like nobody’s business! Jiaen said I looked like there was a roach on the dance mat and I was hopping around to get away from it. Now that I watch the video… she’s right.

A dash of WTF

I found this in my phone. I had no idea I had it! Looking at it now, what the hell was I thinking of when I made this?!

Enough with embarrassing myself!

I’m out.



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