O2Jam Madness


I’m a little slow on my info but recently, O2JAM.KR CLOSE DOWN.

Horrible I tell you, just horrible. I was so depressed I couldn’t get out of bed. Actually, I just didn’t want to.

Reason why I’m so affected is because,

1) All the awesome and godly players come from Korea servers.

2) It’s the only server that has the most updated songs.


Thankfully, my guardian angel managed to find an emulator. It has avatars and EVERYTHING. Which was beyond awesome because I now got to play the game I’ve loved for years and be the vain gamer that I am. At the same time.

On the downside, The game would be offline, unless you link it up with other players. I’m sure a forum would do just fine for that.

What got me extremely excited was the Japanese song packs. Ever since mybloop.com(raise your hand if you even remember that site) closed, I had no other website to download Jap.song .rar files. I was stuck with the same song pack for years. Like two years. I depended largely on Youtube, looking at Jap. O2Jam gameplays and asking for download links. Which didn’t turn out very well because they always directed my to mybloop.com, which had already closed down.


I now have a new site to download songs. It’s in mediafire. Pretty trustworthy a site.

Bad news is, the songs aren’t charted by O2Jam.

What so bad about that?

Well, this means all the songs will be much harder to play than the normal songs. The levels could start at 18 for easy and soar to 60 for hard. Most of the time, the songs only have one difficulty.

And what does Cherie do when she’s faced with such a problem? She makes a video on it.


I’m supposed to make one where I’m playing properly but I’m far too lazy. Video editing sucks when you only have WMM.




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