USS! (again)

^ Wow that is one huge ass picture. But it’s also the very first jumpshot I’ve taken that turned out clear and not well… blurred. Taken by my brother from another mother! All the photos in this post are taken to by him. Just thought you guys should know.

Recently, I went to USS again to check out the new Sesame Street attraction. Unfortunately, the mascots weren’t there so I couldn’t take pictures with them. I’m a pokemon trainer you see, I have to catch them all. Or at least take a photo with everything.

Since we couldn’t take any picture, or so we thought then, we decided to sit all the roller coasters again. Like we always did. Just the roller coasters. Transformers was up first. I have no idea why there are so many people in USS on a Monday. Probably the school holidays. But the waiting time was freaking 1hour. Was I going to wait that long? No. Was my brother going to wait that long? Heck no. So instead, we walked over to the Cyclone and sat it 2 times. 2 times only because we sat that all the time and the queue was friggin long.

While waiting my brother asked if I had actually watched the movie of this ride. I said no but I did know that it was about humans fighting against aliens, we were going into battle as the aliens this time round and that was all that mattered. He agreed.

We walked over to the ride Revenge of the Mummy but it was closed due to technical issues! D:Maybe that was why the Transformers queue was so long. I could be wrong though.


There were two more people I could take pictures with!

^Scorpion King guy!

That was about it. There was nothing else to ride except to go back to run a rain check on the Transformers queue. So we walked back and guess what? Waiting time 80minutes. Seriously? It never got shorter! Even cyclone was shorter. We gave up after 3seconds of staring and headed back to Vivo city. Brother wanted to try an effect he was learning in his club so I had to pose stand there for him.


It was really hot out so we walk into one of the shops to get away from the heat. This was also where I met Lolli:

I’m sorry. I’ve just never seen a lollipop this huge. Nor can I imagine myself eating one. Gosh. I’ll be sick if I tried.

Since we still had a lot of time, we decided to go watch The Dictator at Vivo City. We had half an hour to spare so we headed over to the arcade one floor up.

This was also the place where I took a picture with another car.

This photo is captioned: Hey baby, do you wanna go for a ride?

It was pretty funny in a sense that my brother had to pull out his DSLR in an arcade. Embarrassing on both our parts, but EY. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE RIGHT?

The Dictator.

I am traumatized beyond words. It makes you do aww but then urghh at the same time. Some things are really atrocious while some where just plain awkward.

However, definitely a show to watch when you just had a can of redbull.

I’d give it a 3/5 on my Redbull ratings.

After the movie, we went for a hotpot and had wagyu beef and handmade pork and chicken balls. I DID take a picture of the beef but I am once again, too damn lazy to upload anything. I already uploaded the above pictures from my phone. I kinda don’t want to go find my USB cable again. Ahahaha. Worry not. It’s somewhere on my instagram.

Instagram: killRIE

Feel free to follow! (:

I’d be going, cheers!



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