3 Posts in a day is ridiculous but I simply can’t help it

Call me crazy but I’m on a roll. Today I’ve written 2 posts, excluding this post, and I am so excited to share stuff with you guys as well as my older self!

Someone asked me why I keep a blog.

I’ve been thinking about it, even though I’m dead beat.

I guess it’s so that when I look back, I can relive the memories. It’ll be like a photo album of all the good and bad times I’ve had when I was a teenager. How in love I was, how broken I was and how lost I was. Maybe, as I get older and wiser, I’ll be able to understand why I feel like this. I’ll be able to understand myself more and reflect. I might even write a book based on my understanding. Writing and publishing a book. Something I want to be able to do too!

I’d write a book about how I view my life. Slowly, I’ll piece all these fragments of  emotions together. I don’t have all the pieces now. But I want to start now so that soon I’ll be able to make out the picture. I want it to be a journey for my readers as well as an adventure for myself.

I’ll make all my mistakes now. So that I’ll have something to look back and smile at. I will have no regrets because these mistakes will make me who I am and will be in the future and I hope that the future me will be strong not crumpled.


Enough of all this. Let me share something that made me smile today!

Yes, it’s manga. Don’t judge me!


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