Cassiopeia characters

Hello everyone! I’ll be writing to introduce my Cassiopeia characters today! Sorry if the pictures are small. I had to crop them so that you’ll actually see my characters. Ahaha~

This is my main in Cassiopeia, killRIE. She’s the guildmaster of the guild, SUBWAY, which is affiliated with the guild, SakaeSushi.  I have a thing for food see.

My guild isn’t exactly famous or well known. All the people in the guild are friends, neighbours and school juniors. The juniors are in the affiliated guild. We aren’t too crazy about our levels in Cassiopeia. We do dumb stuff and occasionally, level up.

My guild is pretty damn international.

killAKI  is from Malaysia. Malaysian, Chinese.

There’s me, Singaporean, Chinese.

killEGG is Singaporean, Eurasian.

Other than that, we have people all the way from Australia and Indonesia.

Here’s a few (a lot actually)  pictures of the dumb stuff we do on maple.

^Suicide mission

^ Doing this used to be so in.

^ Ignore the guildname. This is a very old photo.

^ I don’t know who ExRept is. But we did Kerning PQ like this. For one round anyway.

Alright I guess it’s time to introduce BUBBLES.

DISCLAIMER: Husband’s name has been censored for reasons I do not want to disclose.

Anyone. This boy over here, shall be codenamed, BUBBLES, from now on.

Background story:

I bought this character (because it was very much my sub account) a bubbles cash shop overall. It was permanent then. But every time he went into his account, he would change into the above outfit, saying he didn’t want to look like a pervert on maple. I personally thought he look quite cute.


We got married mainly because of the ring, which was +3 to all stats. At that time, rings were really hard to come by. A +3 to all stats ring was not only uncommon, but expensive and we didn’t have that kind of money. But in a way, we DID have money. If you see where I’m coming from.


We decided getting married was better than trying to buy mesos or trying our luck at gachapon. Both were risky and most probably, not worth it. Not saying that spending real life cash to but something in cash was the best choice we had made on Earth, but hey. It was the better of the evils.

^ I don’t know where to put this photo so I’m just going to leave it here.

Moving on, when we got to the wedding village, we had no idea how to get married at all. In fact, till this date, we still don’t know how we managed to get married. We just know that we got the ring so that’s all that matters.

Here’s a short story on the troubles we faced, getting married in maple.

There was once two maplers who wanted to get married.

So they bought cash and entered the wedding village where they saw Alegro, the ring making master (apparently). 

The guy was very gentlemanly. 

Problem was, he didn’t know how to get the ring for her. 

So the girl tried to help.

But that didn’t work either. So they decided to turn to Google. Because Google knows everything.

She found out soon enough and decided that doing everything through the guy’s account would be much easier.

She forced him out of his account.

The guy didn’t want to but because he was so gentlemanly, he gave in and logged out. After giving her his password of course.

And the girl took over.

Had a little bit of fun in his account…

Then got down to business. 

And they finally got married. 

The End.

That was pretty much what happened. Of course, there were very epic maple dates.

Sometimes we get angry at each other in maple. Whether it’s selling the wrong equipment off at the wrong price.

Most of the time it’s just me.

But we still have a heck load of fun.

Love ya, Bubbles!

Good news though! Bubbles is coming to Aquila to play with me. We may actually have another episode on maple life. I can see it already.



Alright. I’m really tired. First day of school and I want to fling myself off a building already.

Off to nap!



P.S Censoring sucks.


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