Comic Strip: Methods of Love

Hey everyone! School’s been really boring. It’s been less than a week and I’m wishing it’s out again! Lectures especially. I’ve been falling asleep everywhere and anywhere. I decided to occupy myself and draw a little bit. It got me through the day. I didn’t sleep at all! I mean, I did nap a little during break but that’s a huge improvement as compared to the rest of the days where I practically fought to stay awake. You name it. Coffee, redbull… I even asked the vendor in the canteen for sugar syrup and it didn’t work. I have no idea why I’m like this. I’ve been a walking zombie in school but once I’m in front of my computer, it’s full health baby!

Okay, okay. Here’s the comic strip I drew today.

Enjoy! (:

Methods of Love -Cherie Sim

There we go. Hope you guys liked it!

Background story:

I finished this much earlier today, took photos of it and tried to upload it using my phone. Unfortunately, my phone has too much data stored in it (photos, music, etc.) that it lags like crazy. I don’t mind the lag really. How I solve this problem is to simply leave my phone on the desk and wait. How my phone likes to solve this problem however, is ever so frustrating. It reboots. I don’t mind if it reboots immediately but it reboots after say, 10 minutes of waiting?

It got me so mad! I was starting to get tired and I was still in class. Yes, I wasn’t exactly listening in class. It was a boring class! My only escape was my phone. It was where part of my life was. Tumblr, wordpress, twitter, wattpad and the occasional popstar. The rest was with the LOML, family and this laptop. Yeap, my life is darn simple alright.

Anyways, I was mad! Really mad! I was uploading the post half way and my phone jammed. Not once, not twice, but FIVE TIMES. Some of the posts were doubled and I had to delete them before anyone could see it because they all came out blank. Even when I wasn’t doing anything with it, it’d restart. Stupid thing is a PMS-ing freak of technology I tell you!


One time, I left my ebuddy on as usual before going to sleep. When I woke up, I had no ebuddy running and a ton of messages asking why I was resending texts at 4am in the morning. My phone restarted and had sent out all the mails from yesterday. This thing is out of control.


Enough rant though, I’ll get it fixed/changed over the weekend (I hope). I really can’t take this nonsense anymore. Any longer and it’ll come to ruin my crippled life.

Good night sweets,


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