Bored in school. What’s new?

I actually wanted to simply put this picture up but I couldn’t find an appropriate title for a single picture like this.


Well anyway, I’m done with school and currently camping in the fourth storey of the school’s library. I’m supposed to be doing my understand theater project now but I’m too lazy. I’m with my other group member. We finished early today too but it’s just us. We’re both putting it off as much as possible. We really, really don’t feel like doing it but it’s due on Wednesday.

I came close to a cry spell today. But I’m better now, I don’t know if it’s because I’m around people or it’s because walking really helps. Not really 100% better. I don’t see myself reaching that point just yet but at least I look like a sane, normal human being. At least till I get home. That’s another hurdle. I’m really sleepy and my head still hurts. No idea why. I’m positive I’m not running a fever. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait till I get home to do something about it. Project first.

Since I was so bored today, I was checking out the stuff in my computer and guess what I found?

You might want to turn your volume down.

40 seconds of utter bullshit.

It was taken really long ago. Okay maybe a month ago? When understanding theater was fun and there was no such things as projects.

Just kidding, it’s still fun. (*ノ・ω・)

I’ve been scrolling through Tumblr too. Tumblr, aka the King of all forms Procrastination. I found myself laughing my ass of at this gif. It was extremely entertaining and mystifying.

Isn’t this the most interesting and amusing thing you have ever seen? How does the chicken do that? Magic? But it’s just a chicken!


If I had the time, I’d spend my whole day staring at this.

But alas, I have work to do.

So I’ll stare at it tonight! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

I lied. I’m in the weird side of Youtube again. But this video is really interesting!


It’s so cute. I want a chicken as a pet now…

Okay, okay. Better get to work. (I can’t even say ‘back to work’ T.T)

Hoping for a night with no cry spells,



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