Demon slayer patch and new permanent cash items! :D

Hello! I’m back.

Demon slayer came out yesterday and my goodness, Maple is a lag fest.

I can barely play without disconnecting and everyone looks the same! Pale skin, wings… we even look the same!

All the maps are full because everyone is do the same quests. This gives everyone an excuse to map raid freely, which really gets on my nerves.

Which is why,

I am planning to only start training my Demon Slayer next week. This means that this week, I have to hit level 130 in Kuropyon. Only Four more levels to go!

Funny things that happened to me while I was playing in my Demon Slayer account:

1) I’m a guy. 

I play as a guy in my Demon Slayer. One, so I can marry myself in maple later on, two, being a shemale in maple is pretty fun and lastly, the demon slayer character in the video was a guy so it’s only normal.

2) I am a cat. 

Yes, I am. My demon slayer’s IGN is Kur0pin, to go with my other character, Kuropyon. Apparently, Kuropin is the name of a cat in the anime, Prince of Tennis. It happened when I was doing Slime PQ. I was stoning/lagging when the party leader said: ‘Cat. Barrel 4.’

I was really at a lost of what to do. I had no idea I was a cat at that time so I ignored him. Of course, Singaporean players get pissed easily and before I knew it, he was yapping at me, actually calling my IGN this time round. So embarrassing. It’s a good thing he doesn’t know me in real life. Because then I’d be a girl and do you know, for online games, a guy pretending to be a girl is fine but a girl pretending to be a guy is just plain awkward.


3) I’m a very nice guy and many girls want to date me. (ROFL)

This happened mainly because I was playing as a guy. I’ve been really nice to people around maple okay! Good reputation. I’ve been nice enough to share maps and guide people around maple.I actually spent 15minutes teaching some girl how to glide in her demon slayer and she famed me. Only 49 fame to go! Stupid fame cap. 

Because of this, I’ve been stalked around the Resistance town. Even the girls in maple, super thick skin. Either that, or it’s just shemale guys trying to prey on other guys. But I’m a girl so it’d mean that it’s still one boy and one girl, just that we swapped genders? I don’t know where I’m going with this but it’s still something to think about.

That’s about it. I didn’t play for very long. I’m only at level 38.

Anyway, with the new patch comes new permanent cash items!

I bought a few because my hands were itching. Here’s how I look like now:

Hehe. Yeap! I can’t wait till something nice comes out for Kuropin. If not, I’ll be dressing him in a blue bath towel.


Alrighty, I’ve got to go. I’ll leave you with something I saw when waiting to go for the random event today.

It’s a clock boss that some wild hunter caught.




All the people of SUBWAY. (:



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