Picnic @ ECP

I went picnicing at East Coast Park today!

It’s really been a while since I last went and this time, I went with my Fam buddies, or so I call them ‘Fammies’.

I went over with Momo.

We had a potluck and boy, was there a lot of food.

I brought cupcakes, while others brought fried rice, waffles, cookies, biscuits and drinks.



I don’t have much pictures. My phone sucks and died half way through. I guess it was because I was at the venue at 12.30pm (actual meeting time) but everyone else was late (1.30pm) except for a few. Had Starbucks so that we could camp at Starbucks.

ANYWAYS. It was a very nua Sunday. After we ate, we felt so full and were too tired to move. Some of the guys food coma-ed on the mats while some of us played black jack and other card games. Two of the girls however, had whipped cream and ran screaming toward the beach to build sandcastles and push each other into the water. It was fun to watch untill they started slipping ice cubes into the back of our shirts.

It was a pleasant day. Windy and not too sunny. Not a burn on my body, still as fair as ever.

When they got tired of the endless amounts of sand and salt water, they ask if we wanted to rent bicycles. I still felt like slacking so I declined. Most of them went while three others plus myself, stayed to take care of the belongings. I attempted to teach them how to play Bridge but failed miserably so we went on to play this game called ‘Bluff’, which I turned out to be horrible at. A little while later, a man walked over and took a picture in our direction. Self concious, we looked around and noticed much of our rubbish had flown off the table and took form as litter on the ground. The first thing on our minds was:

‘Wah. Tio Stomp ah?’

Guilty, we did the necessary housekeeping and sat back down. The passing cameraman however, was no where to be seen so if you see me on stomp, do tell. But I swear, we cleaned up after ourselves!

The more active group returned with 2 pairs of skates, a single bicycle and a double bicycle. Momo, who was on skates, complained that her back hurt and took off her skates. Not wanting to waste the rent-time on it, I slipped it on and tried to skate.

I can’t skate.

Watching people skate is fun. They make it look so easy. Watching air gear, an anime, is fun. It’s unrealistic but damn, it’s cool. Thinking you can skate, even if it’s just a little bit, will hurt your ass forever. Of course, I’d have fallen forward but I had no guards on (because I’m such a badass) and didn’t want wounds on my knees. It’ll hurt like a bitch in the bath. Tested and proven.

You know how when you fall backwards, your whole life flashes before your eyes? I know. Me neither. I was too busy screaming my head off to notice. My skate buddy remarked that I turn into an opera singer when I skate; achieving higher notes with each wobble.

Good thing she let me hold her hand the rest of the time and I managed to at least enjoy being on skates for a while. I don’t care if it’s lesbo! Boo.

After we returned the skates, we rented a double bicycle. It wasn’t too hard to get used to. We rode around the park for another hour before returning it and walking back to our picnic spot. The others returned with ice cream and we sat around, talking about anything under the sun.

I also found out I was one of the oldest staying members in my Fam, besides the masters. Dang I feel really senior.

Before we knew it, it was dark and we started to walk back to Parkway. It was then where the guys decided to grope each other.

They were interlocking hands before that. I think the one on the left is playing the girl.

Our bus came last so we saw everyone off first. On the bus ride home, I got really sleepy, which was weird because I had so much sugar today O.O. No matter. This only means I’ll sleep better tonight!

Urgh school tomorrow. Why must weekends be so short? I barely did anything!



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