Camping in the school library again.

I’ve been sitting in the library for 2 hours already, freezing my fingers off.

Lab ended a whole hour early and the last lecture was cancelled. Top it off with a one hour break before theater, you got one very bored Cherie in school. Trapped in school.

I did my usual stuff online. Facebook, Mangafox and finally, Tumblr. After checking everything, I still had a good 1 and a half hours to spare. I moved on to 9gag and scroll for the next 45minutes. Bored, I went to Facebook to finally update my status, breaking my many-months long streak of not posting anything. That’s right, I was that bored.

But updating takes at most, 5 minutes. I still had a lot of time on my hands. I noticed that lunch break just ended when everyone around me started smelling like Maccas.

Never mind that, I moved on to Youtube next. I watched every new video I had in my account. Even re-watched a few and came across this:

Have fun watching it. I’m off to get an ice cream and take a leisure walk to my next class.




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