Stress spamming

Just a few text-posts on tumblr that I thought I could relate to or described how I felt at points in my life.

Been feeling horrible for a long time and I’ve been worrying people. I tried to get better; I’m still trying and I’m getting there somehow. To all that bothered about me, I’d like to say, thank you for worrying and caring. The act alone brought tears to my eyes. I can feel myself getting better and it feels great. I just want to say that I owe it all to you, the LOML, and all my family friends.

Been trying to stay positive for for long periods of time. I slip occasionally but I get back up. I can’t deny that the thoughts are still at the back of my head; worry… stress. But I’m strong enough to keep them there, rather than let it devour me.

Plus side, my appetite is coming back. Been eating like a pig instead of a bird these few days.

Here’s to getting better (:




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