Sushi and birthdays

30th July, was my (god) brother’s birthday.

It was a very stressful time for me simply because…

I didn’t know what to get him.

I would have baked for him but I don’t think he liked sweet things very much. All these years of knowing him, he never really fancied anything sweet. Normally, he’d drink water while I had ice cream or something at MOF so I thought baking a cake or cupcakes would had been a bad idea.

I couldn’t buy him anything either. He has everything.

He has all the gadgets I want and like because we like the same stuff. I didn’t want him to overdecorate his room with photo frames or small paperweights. Everything I ever gave him was hand made and honestly, I was getting sick of it. It’s not that I didn’t want to make a card or some sort, it’s just that after all the years he’d taken care and pampered me, I should give something back that held more value. Sure, sincerity is priceless. But hey, something materialistic feels good once in a while you know.

This is why I thought of this.


I love food. Correction. I love  good food and normally, good food comes with a price. But I’m totally fine with it, as long as my tummy is happy.

I took him to a sushi place called Sushi Tei.

Personally, I like that place better than Sakae Sushi b’cause the salmon sashimi cuts at thicker and fresher. Simple as that. Many people can’t taste the difference. But I feel there is so yeah. *shrugs*

Here’s some of the food we had.

We had a Salmon don too. But he dug into it too quick and I missed my chance.

After dinner, we walked up to Courts, this electronics shop that sold cameras, laptops, speakers, television and a lot of other stuff. He was running out of battery on his phone so he came up with this bright idea of charging it at one of the Apple Iphone supported speakers. This got security suspicious cause we were just standing around a speaker blankly, doing next to nothing. We didn’t get thrown out, we really didn’t. Mr Security Guard over here decided to be a dick to us so we decided to be one back. He tried to guilt us by asking if we were buying of not. If it were me, I’d had smiled shyly and bow apologetically. But not my brother, no way. He can be one helluva jackass when he wants to be. He asked, rather irritably, where the sales lady was, that he was considering the model for his room. A little back ground story, he bought his 2k surround sound just one month ago.

In disbelief, the guard called the salesgirl over and watched as my brother grilled the poor girl on her said product. The outcome? He didn’t buy it. Thank God. Reason? The interest was too high and the sound quality wasn’t as good. I asked if he would have bought it if the interest wasn’t that high, not leaving out the fact that he bought another model not long ago. He replied in the same frequency that yes, he would have and that it didn’t hurt to have another one. Right in front of the guard who was positively fuming. Really, what an asshole. Both of them.

After which, we walked over to nuBox next door. I must say, the service there was way better. We stood there, with sales assistance for a goof 45minutes, testing Apple products and earpieces. Let’s not forget wasting their alcohol swabs. They were really nice! Even let my brother charge his phone while we were there! It was also there that I decided I was getting an ipad by the end of the year. There was so much I wanted to do with it and I was just staring at it. Got me pumped.

Unlike how another family friend would react, my brother didn’t put me down. He simply asked me if I was really rich and that if I really wanted it, I should just go for it. Which was very encouraging and yes, I will go for it.

Overall, a very enjoyable day, even though it was just walking around and window shopping. A day well spent!

Alrighty, it’s late so I gotta run.

Bye,bye boo!



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