I’m finally a sniper!

I woke up at 12pm today, had my lunch and got down to business.


Level 50 is FINALLY UP!!!

Erhmerhgerd. People know how much willpower it took to simple quit my revision and download the patch the day it was out. For revision, it wasn’t pretty. I studied at Starbucks because it was the only conducive place that I could study. Ever. As long as I sat there, I needed to buy something, preferably a drink. Which was at least $10 worth of top up each time I went there.

Let’s not forget how students aren’t allowed to study IN the cafe so I had to sit outside and each time I did, it was either scorching or pouring. That’s right, I was either burning, freezing and broke.

But it’s okay. You know why?



I started when I got home. Patching and Google-ing my skill build. That night, I did my storyline quests till I was level 42 when I had to stop cause I could only start my next quest once I was level 45.

I decided to continue the next day, which is today.



Really tired! I’ve been grinding at RiverRuins for 4 hours non-stop. Not even to the toilet, no!

Okay, I’m sick of grinding for today. Doesn’t mean I’m not up for some PvP!

See Ya’ll!


A perfect day

On that perfect day, I’d wake up and find that it’s exactly 8am.

By then, the sun would have risen, just slightly over the hills. A beautiful sight from my little wood cabin based tastefully in a rural grassland. The air would be crisp and fresh, the birds would sing and be merry. For that one day, I’ll get up and I won’t feel tired at all.

I’ll pull my quilt from my legs and stuff my feet into soft bunny slippers. Still a tad blurry, I’d shuffle over to my bathroom to wash up, after which I’d start my day with some chocolate chip pancakes and a warm cup of earl grey tea. Myself settled, I’d go over to where he is to wake him. Indulge in a nice cuddle and a few kisses. While waiting for him to wash up, I’d set the table for him. Knives, forks and the morning’s paper. I’d set them down and in the mean time, start another knitting project.

Over his breakfast, we’d talk about anything under the sun. Politics, work, dreams and maybe ambitions. Sooner or later, I’d have to wash up and start the days work. Baking. I’d finally have an oven in my kitchen, as well as every baking tool there is. Standing mixers, dough cutters and adorable little cupcake holders. I’d be merry, practically dancing around the kitchen, taking in the wonderful smells of baking sugar and butter. I would even make some cinnamon rolls or a cake or two. Nothing too sweet in case he can’t take it.

Glancing over at him, I’d see him lounging on the couch watching some random episode of Masterchef Australia. If the contestants were  doing a dessert challenge, he’s get excited and call me over. I’d  probably try to resist the urge of going over, in case a cake starts burning. But even now, I know that I’d still abandon that glorious cylindrical snack just to spend time with him.

I imagine my work to be pretty relaxed. I’d finish everything by late afternoon and nest myself at our balcony. I’d make myself some tea and snuggle down with a good book. Preferably one that I haven’t read before. Not fond of anything wordy, he’d sit beside me, maybe even lean on me and play a game of Pokemon on his DS while I read. I’d play something mellow on a pair of portable speakers whilst he tries to distract me from my book. Playing the same game for half your life could get pretty boring. Distracted, I’d give up reading and we’d simply hold hands and watch the sunset.

Hungry but not a fan of the savory, I’d refuse to cook and force him to bring me out for dinner. Which he will, of course, comply because I’d have mastered my puppy-dog eyes by then and be using it on him mercilessly. He’d take me to somewhere decent, somewhere which requires me to at least put on ironed clothes and maybe a little make up.

During dinner, we’d probably chat about the people around us. Talk about the food, how we’d seen in on Masterchef before. Maybe even how the restaurant could cook it better. The manager would catch us talking bad and have us thrown out, swearing at us in french or something. We’d laugh it off, probably clutching each other in case our legs gave way under us and stagger towards the nearest coffee place for a warm chocolatey drink of some sort. We’d bitch a little more about the restaurant and poke fun at other cuisines before we decide to call it a night.

Taking a slow drive home, I’d fall sleep in the car and wake up in the middle of the night, already in my bed. Only this time, he’d beside me, snoring lightly. Probably not even changed out of what he wore to dinner. Not that I would really care much. I’d nuzzle onto him and fall back to sleep. That night, I wouldn’t have a nightmare, nor will I dream.

Because my dreams would have had already come true.

Yeah, that would be my idea of a perfect day.

Maple Zakum run

My first ever Zakum run after playing Maplestory for 6 years. Not only did I only hit level 100 with the help of Big Bang patch this year, this is my first ever boss run. Like legit, everyone-used-to-talk-about-it, kind of boss run.

I went with my brother. He’s items are pretty godly so his damage is a given. Took down most of the arms for me. I only did on of the arms. Which is pretty pathetic a damage range, seeing that we are only 15 levels apart.


Anyways, it’s pretty impossible to take screenshot after screenshot of what was happening in-game so I took a video instead. How long it took me? I have no idea. I was too busy spamming potions.

I got a zakum helm too. I have no idea what to do with it cause my Scarlion boss help is 3 stats to all better than my current zakum helm. The helm isn’t even potential-ed!

Alrighty, I’m off to the airport to study. Will be bringing my laptop with me but will be studying seriously okay!



So far so good

Today I thought of you,

As much as I always do.

I’m even thinking of you now

First thing thats on my mind

I’m the luckiest boy(girl) alive and I cant help to wonder

How did I manage to find the love of my life so soon? 

When you go home for the night I stay up and I write,

A little more of this song for you.


So far so good,

Made it this far,

There’s nothing that we can’t do as long as I’m with you.

Invincible is what we are,

There’s nothing that we can’t do.


Today I thought of you,

As much as I always do.

I’m even thinking of you now.

First thing that came to mind,

The day both our lives combined,

Don’t ever want to think of.

How different it would be if you didn’t come to see my show at Lakeside mall.

You’re everything to me,

You’re the air that I breath.

When I asked you how was everything you’d say.
So far so good,

Made it this far,

There’s nothing that we can’t do

As long as I’m with you.

Invincible is what we are.

There’s nothing that we can’t do.

I’m madly in love with you

Completely in love with you


I’m head over heels,

Get weak at the knees I swear,

Love you immearsurebly

Completely in love with you


Typed out with ❤ for the LOML