I thought it was about time I wrote about the only module I took that makes me happy.


Short for Understanding Theater.

I’ve never really met such fun people in my life. It’s those kinds of people who really don’t give a damn about their reputation and goes all out to show people who they are. I like this kind of people. We’re a happy bunch who can relate to each other. Sure, we may seem happy and crazy all the time, but we acknowledge that we have our tough times and rough pasts. To me, these people are priceless.

Anyway, one reason why I haven’t written about my adventures in U-Theater is because I’ve been busy writing the script. It’s a project for this module and the only project I put my heart into doing. I’ve been stressing over it for ages and now that the performance is over, I can finally take a breather.

The adventures in U-Theater:


Alright. It’s not as noble as the header may sound but we ARE the only group with a group name. What name you may ask?

Team Suck Your Soul.

I know right. Just a tad bit irrelevant. But hey. We have a very good reason for that!

What happen was that Panda, a girl will natural bottom eyeliner in my group, and I were sitting at the first floor in school one day when she saw a cat.

Turns out, she’s terrified of cats. She squealed and switched her sitting position to one beside me. When we asked her why she was so scared of cats, she claimed that it was because of the cat’s eyes. Saying that those green orbs would stare into the very bottom of your soul and suck it out.

She even had a hand gesture dedicated to helping us understand her plight. I don’t even know how to describe it here. I was bent over laughing. Soon, everyone started mimicking her. It became a catch phrase in our group, replacing anything related to dying.


This project will be the death of me!

In our context

Wah this project suck my soul!

And with that, team suck your soul was born.

The toilet.

Us girls used to have a decent female toilet to go to when we first started in U-Theater but our school has been upgrading toilets in campus and soon, we were robbed of ours.

What we were presented with was the boys’ toilet and a sign saying the toilet was now temporarily the female toilet. Urinals were discretely covered with trash bags but it still didn’t stop us from doing this.


Two people.

 Solo manly shot.

Solo glam(er) shot.

Over the weeks that we used that blue tiled restroom, we came across something that had us rolling on the floor, laughing. Someone crossed out the word ‘Female’ on the sign outside the restroom and replaced it with ‘Tranny’. We really didn’t know if we should have been insulted or entertained. But cam whore we must.

In case anyone is wondering, these photos were taken on different days. Different shirt, duh. It just so happened that I wear high waist-ed shorts every Wednesday of the week.

We even had a week where everyone in our group went crazy over our glasses. Apparently, all of us have ‘geek’ specs as our actually glasses. Well, not really. Naturally, we took more photos, shamelessly abusing our right as being female.


The next few weeks, our script slowly developed and people started bringing in props. One of them (my module-mate) was playing around with a stethoscope, a real one, and started to run around the room checking to see if everyone was human. He couldn’t find anyone’s pulse with it though. Till now, we don’t know if he was faking or not.

In this picture, he’s trying to check my mental health. I pass with flying colours. Apparently, he can’t hear anything in there. *shrugs* at least it’s not hollow.

We were soon left to our own devices outside of class, where we had to rehears and write our scripts by ourselves. It was a pretty bad ride for me. I’ve never stayed up so late for a project before! Normally, I couldn’t be bothered to stay up late for anything school related. But for this, I was awake and ransacking my brain at 2 in the morning, trying to churn out a 15 page script. I wasn’t alone though, my other group mate stayed to suffer with me and we both gave up because our brains died on us. That’s right, brain dead and still schooling the next day. I had to struggle to keep myself in check then. Cry spells are so much harder to suppress when you’re tired. :/

The next day, we had rehearsals after school. Even though all of us ended late, we came together to see what we could do. Most of it made up of blocking and props planning but we still managed to try out the lines. We camped at the South Wing of the school till we were confident of our performance- which was the next day. We took some photos, both evidence that we did something and a lil bit of side tracking.

I love this picture. Makes my legs look so long. ROFL.

 ^Tired and on the verge of going crazy.

Soon, that faithful day came. We were to perform our 15 minute long script for the whole class, as well as a very well known drama teacher. I booked a room so we could rehears before we put ourselves on the chopping board. For some weird reason, other groups came to crash and the room became really noisy. It was a good kind of noisy though. (x

I had to get into character as a very bubbly girl. I didn’t have much clothes to change into so everyone decided that changing my hairstyle was good enough.

Oh gawd. Ignore the pose and as you can see, my legs aren’t all that long. Or slim. :/ Guess who has to go on a diet

We didn’t get much pictures then because all the other groups were practicing too. We did however, get pictures during the performances!

Only two pictures. Our group doesn’t really have much paparazzis on us you see.

After we finished everything, we could finally breath a sigh of relief! Everyone went crazy after everything was over.

It felt very much like finishing an examination you’ve been dreading. A huge load off our chests! Of course, this isn’t the end of U-Theater. We still have a theater report study to hand in. My group got Morden Contemp. Musical Theater. Sounds really interesting to me.


Go Team Suck Your Soul!

Awesome day today!



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