Knight armor is a bitch.

This section has been rather quiet these few days, mainly because the level cap hasn’t gone up yet so there aren’t any story line quests to do.

This also means that I’ll be in PvP very much.

^Playing in mission room, Rounds. Got really messy at the last round. Still fun ^^

^ I don’t really win when I play against Elemental lords. Their shields are really irritating. Good thing it eats their mp like crazy. If not I’d be dead every time I meet one of them.

I’ve been restless these few days and decided to focus on pulling my win rate up in PvP.


Ladder these few days is so flippin’ irritating!

Sure, I do win from time to time but my current win rate is 41%.

ONLY 41%! 

I think I play rather decently. Ask the few friends I usually play with. My damage in ‘Compensation Off’ is pretty darn painful and my dodging skills aren’t half bad. Why I lose the whole 59% of the time, you may ask?

1) Sometimes the players really are just better than me. I take my hat off to them. Once I’m hit, I’m on the ground all the way.

2) Priest and Paladins with their buffs, shields and heals. Seriously, they should give a defense buff to us Bowmasters. It wouldn’t do much, but it still makes us feel a whole lot safer. And shut up about our agility and critical rates. Once a shield buff is on, those arrows don’t do shit.

3) Academics; Alchemists and Engineers. I’m going to be straight out. I hate them and I’m pretty sure many other players, regardless of class, share my point of view. These class, we call them Lolis here in DNSEA (short for Lolicon), are the  most irritating class yet. And I thought Priests and Paladins were bad. Haha. Boy, was I wrong. Academics are the very reason why I can’t wait for my level 50 skills. They summon these monsters and mech ducks that break your combo. The ducks don’t hurt much, but they electrify you from time to time, practically ruining any chance of a DPS (damage per second) combo. Most of the time, when I meet them in ladder, I can only run around and wait till they run dry on mana or pray for a draw. Which also lowers your kill rate on them, if you don’t know. That’s why people hate draws in ladders.

4) Flashy skills  and lag. This would probably be my internet’s fault. For some reason, it lags a lot at night. Which sucks, because I like playing ladder at night. The adrenaline is there and there’s the comfort away from the sun. I’m not really a vitamin D person you see. In other games, such as Maplestory, lag can be a blessing. Good for glitches and bugging. But lag in ladder isn’t a good thing. Thing is, you don’t know when it’ll happen. One second, you think you’re playing a pretty good game. Then you realize that none of your ranged attacks are damaging the opponent and BOOM you’re on the ground. Enemy already doing their combo on you. You probably won’t be able to get up till you’re dead and there goes your win rate. Big whoop.

5) Knight armor. Those who know this armor in PvP, please stand so I can virtually hug you and we can share each other’s pain. This pisses me off the most. If I didn’t love my laptop so much, I’d have flung it across the room a long time ago. You see, knight armor slows down the opponent in PvP. It’s the most cheater-bug armor of all time. It slows you down by 50% once you get hit a couple times. Your dodging gets painfully slow while your opponent still operates at normal speed. I get it that bowmasters and acrobats are speedy and all, but reducing our speed by 50%? That’s a friggin’ handicap! A giveaway, I tell you. What pisses me off the most is how some classes blatantly abuse this armor. I mean, if you’re one of those slow classes like Mercenaries, then why not?

But these Academics… (a coconut to the person who guesses my current most hated class in PvP)

What’s wrong with them, really? They’ve got that ‘70% stun bomb’ thing, which I can swear, really means 100%. They’ve got that wax thing on the ground having everyone slipping everywhere. They got their gazillion summoning skills, breaking every combo people try to get on them. Their skills are so flashy that if I wasn’t lag then, I’d be sure as hell I was when I see them even make a move.

And now they’re using Knight Armor? 

I hate to say it and sound like a spoil sport, man. But using knight armor that way is just low. At least other classes don’t resort to using knight armor. Most of the classes I see using this are Swordmasters and Mercenaries. But they can’t help it, they’re slow and their attacks are mainly melee. Acrobats? Occasionally. Bowmaster? Maybe. But sorceresses and priests? There probably are a few out there, but I’ve never met any.

Because really, what’s the point of going into a ladder match, which is pretty much a legitimate 1v1 competition style battle, when there’s something you can play cheat with? Where’s the skill in that?

Rant over.



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