September Holiday Update.

I would totally type everything out but I was feeling adventurous last night as well as bored so this is what happened.




I’m late aren’t I?

Hey everyone!

I’m so sorry I’m only posting so late. I did say I’d post about what I’m currently doing but the pictures aren’t up online so I don’t think I’ll be doing that just yet.

So, how’s life? 

It’s been tiring but in a good way.

It’s been hard, but in a good way too.

But most of all, it’s been most memorable for me.

Lately, I’ve been going to work. If you are in my phone contacts, you’d probably know what I’m up to. If I didn’t contact you, it probably meant I had no guts. Rofl. 😛

But yeah. My work involved me calling a lot of people up. So you could take a stab at what I’m currently doing.

In a span of 18 days or so, I’ve met people from so many walks of life and there’s still more to come! I’ve learned so many things I never even dreamt of learning. Got interested in things I swore I’d never like or go near to. But most importantly, I’ve been doing things I thought I’d never do. Doing things I was initially afraid of doing. I’ve been breaking my boundaries.

Dare I say, these past 18 days, I’ve actually grown up a lot. Sure, I still get my sugar rushes and tell awful jokes. But I’ve been exposed to a world totally unknown to me. I’ve been exposed to reality and society. With the amount of experience I have now, which isn’t a lot,  I’ve only but glanced at the world out there. So many years I’ve been sheltered by my family and school that actually putting myself out there gave me horrible culture shock. But I’m thankful that I’m so lucky. Lucky to be found by the right people. Again, I’ve made a decision for myself. To stay put where I am and to learn all I can. (Wow that rhymed)

A peak at the working world (Society)

In barely 3 weeks, I came to understand a whole new concept of life. I came to understand the urgency I needed to have at my age. Being young here in Singapore isn’t going to be as smooth sailing anymore. Actually, it never was. Not to me anyway.

Some people say I’ve been brainwashed. Some people say that I’m being too naive. Being lulled into this scam of work. But what do I say? I say, no.


Because the facts and numbers has been laid out before me. It’s undeniable. I’ve thought it out. I’ve had spent many nights pondering and the scary part is that it makes sense. It’s scary because this news isn’t good. In fact, it’s terrible news. I realize that all the studying would lead me no where. Of course, I’d get a job with my ‘qualifications’, but the pay isn’t about to cut it anymore. Not here in Singapore that is.


Because it hasn’t been easy. I’ve had horrible times in this line of work. I’ve been scolded, rejected and put down. By people who were skeptical, by people who refused to understand and worst of all, by family that didn’t believe in me. Would a scam take so much effort on my part? I think not. I’ve not invested anything in this trade off. Maybe my time, but hey, I’m learning so I’m still taking something back at the end of the day.

And I’m just so thankful.

For the environment that I have been blessed with. With the people around me who pull me up whenever I’m down. The seniors who are so humble that they teach us personally, regardless of their position.

I’m happy that through all this calling and work, that I can talk and communicate with people better. I have rediscovered friends who care so much about me while I on the other hand, had forgotten them because I was too caught up with myself.

I’m so thankful that I’ve learnt to handle rejection and negativity. I’m not there yet but I’m getting somewhere. I’ve been taught how to be stronger. I’ve been given a goal to work to in life.

I have a dream again. 

Most of you may think, more than ever now, that I’m being duped. Being conned.

But at this point of time, I couldn’t be any happier with what I’ve become. My growth has stunned me. I’ve never bothered to work so hard before. Not for a very long time.

I’m just sharing what I feel and I hope that everyone would be happy for me too. That I’m finally getting better. Finally recovering from everything. Though the scars remain as a daily reminder of my past, I will stay strong. For myself and the new friends in my life that are so dear to me now.



Sorry, working! (Training actually)

Hey wordpress, it’s been a while. I haven’t been on Dragon Nest for a bit. I’m level 47 already though!

The reason why I’m not grinding at RiverRuins or something, is because I’m being serious about other things. Things like…

My future.

Pfft. I know right, what would a girl who’s barely 18 know about her future?

Well, the last time I checked, being 18 isn’t young anymore. Not young in a sense that everyone is starting to chase their dreams at younger ages. I’m already lagging behind. I have to start now and fast. I have to catch up and start making some serious cash and build my foundation.

Not many people know what I’m doing right now. The only thing I’m disclosing is that I’m under training. Which I am. Training for what? I’m not about to tell you. I’ll tell you if I succeed so you can be happy for me then ;D kekeke.

Anyways, since I’m being serious about my life now, I’m going to start being serious about my health, my skin, my everything.

No more cutting. No more skipping meals.

No more gaming? Yeah right. I’m keeping that luxury, thank you.

To be honest, I’m very excited about everything. If things go well, you can expect a very long post about what I’ve been doing. It wouldn’t harm me I guess, since my family approves. Yes, they do know what I’m doing. If not, they won’t let me out of the house. ;_;

10th September is the deadline of my mystery goal. 

I should update you guys by then.

Here’s a cat gif for reading so far (: